Postmortem Site compromised 10-Sep-2019 -


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Not useful on its own. Someone attempting to link known someone or someones by the IP of their KF account and maybe their e-mail. Of course if you're a Silicon Valley connected tool, you probably can do a lot with those two.
If you're Silicon Valley connected (tool or not), you won't do gay ops like that. My (plebian) understanding of Silicon Valley that it's nepotism and dick tugging of the highest order. You'd just meet a fellow high-flying faggot in Pasadena and would just target a particular Kiwitard.


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Where's my gay "I survived kiwidox 2019" sticker next to my name, null?

I'm getting 404 when I click anything I'm the doc leak, which is too bad. Also what are these fur faggots going to do? Tell my mommy I make fun of animal fuckers and retards on the internet? Boo boo :, (

I was actually worried I'd have to make a new account. I used a literal throw away email and unique password I had to hope I remembered.

This is so pathetically nothing :story:


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Canned Bread said:
Am I in the list? Won't load for me.

Don't really care too much anyways, I'm a minor poster and there is little to nothing that can connect to me anyways, and even if there was, it's not the end of the world for me to be connected to this site.
Yes you are and there are several IP's listed on the ipout.csv file. They seem to be in the New England area.
As if someone with a username of "Canned Bread" could be from anywhere else.


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Not on the list
Email is a 10 minute throwaway used nowhere else
Farms passphrase is non-alphanumeric and used nowhere else
VPN is used
Seperate browser for shit like the Farms

Gonna need more than five guys to find me, troony furfags. Come at me sisbro!


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This entire thread is just fifty pages of r.etards gloating about VPNs and asking other people to check if they're on the list. Spoiler alert: it doesn't fucking matter. But this entire debacle has been really amusing, to say the least. This has also made me frighteningly aware of how fucking stupid most kiwis are. inb4 late 👻 come on, Null, give us some speshul badges