Six Days in Fallujah Is Complicated and Painful For Those Connected to the Real Events - Those with connections to the Second Battle of Fallujah discuss the Middle East in media and mistrust of the US military, and ask who the game will actually ask players to empathize with.

Fuck Y'all

Goddamn chemicals turning freakin' frogs gay
'feels bad for shooting people in a game'

Man these people must have major issues with Grand Theft Auto.

I just hope the NPC die more realistically in VI
rated optimistic for believing that T2 will let GTAO go

The tired cat

Fluffy angel of death
Spec Ops the Line ruined the modern shooter genre because now it's nothing but breadtube tier communists complaining about the games. "Modern Warfare is evil for putting the US in a good light" or at this game "is bad for not being anti-war globohomo propaganda".
I love the last part because somewhere Kojima is going "What the fuck am I, chopped liver?" like, his games were always about anti-war stuff, but apparently, that flew over breadtubers.

Mind blown that for a 2021 game article someone thought Anita Sarkeesian was a necessary take to get. She has nothing intelligent to say on game dev, military shooters or middle eastern perspectives.

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