Six Degrees of Musical Telephone - Make a musical association to the previous song


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🤓 The idea is something like the game "Telephone", where a succession of people whisper a message down a row, the message getting unintentionally distorted along the way. Or it's like "Six Degrees of Separation", where associations are made bridging the seemingly unrelated.

A song answers the previous one, to be answered by the next one, and so on. Associations between songs can be made based on wordplay, how or when it was recorded, just whatever comes to mind. The response can come from ubiquitous pop, ad jingles, that obscure stuff you're into, video game OSTs, etc.

A few examples to get started. Let's open with Bolt thrower's "Centotaph"

I know that Bong-Ra has a song named after Bolt Thrower's bassist Jo Bench

Bong-Ra's Breakcore reminds me of that "Drill and Bass" stuff Squarepusher was doing

Squarepusher was on the soundtrack for the game "Little Big Planet", which I remember also had this song

So the next post will answer Battles and their song "Atlas". It can be a song with the word "Battle" in it, something else released on Warp Records, whatever comes to mind. Then the post next will respond with a song in some way associated with that one, and so on đź’©


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You'd have to bring in the vinyl on +6, Assuming Death In Vegas was playing at +/-0
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