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SJW Art and Extremes

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Yaoi Huntress Earth, Mar 15, 2015.


Why does Tumblr have an obsession with vitiligo?

  1. Suicide Girl model and America's Next Top Model contestant have it, spread on Tumblr, that's why.

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  2. Stop fucking asking this this question.

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  3. I swear to God I will start deleting these posts.

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  4. Goddammit.

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  1. Correct! I legitimately couldn't tell who they were meant to be until looking at the tags *sigh*
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    Heat O'Brien

    Heat O'Brien Fuckin' Serph!

  2. Dave Strider and AR.

    JK, it's Snake and Otacon.
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    Badonkadonk Trash

    Badonkadonk Trash "WE WUZ HAFU ORIGINALZ N SHIEEET."

  3. Honestly, Snake and Otacon have the best bromance ever. That one scene in MGS2 where they do the whole fist bump is way too good. I couldn't see them as romantic partners though
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    Magusyrup You're using wayyy too many napkins

  4. When you meet someone as they piss themselves and then have them immediately tell you they like anime, it's kinda impossible to fall in love with that person.
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    fishercat random crits are fair and balanced
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  5. *cough*


    It's painfully obvious that a white girl drew this

    Ignore that broken image. I done goofed.
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    Muh Vagina

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  6. That scene after Snake kills Sniper Wolf where Otacon asks if love can bloom on the battlefield and Snake replies in the affirmative just got so much funnier in my head.
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    Burned Man

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  7. They're one of /v/'s gay OTPs.

    And they're right.
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    Meowthkip LOL U HAVE SMOL PEN0R
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  8. Wait... didn't Otacon have a liking to Naomi in the first place?
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  9. 35A88A52-3DDF-4CF1-B79C-E538A139FCE9.jpeg
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  10. even for a genderbent, this would be p shite
    shaggy is a messy and most likely constantly high slob, why is she so well dressed, clean and conventionally attractive?


    also i see a lot of people tag/caption their weirdo art with "u guys MADE me do this! this chara is ____ now because YOU DIDNT WANT THEM TO BE! HA!"

    everyone who gets offended at that outside of elementary schoolers and tumblr children, should probably reevaluate themselves
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  11. Bets on someone drawing a tranny Donald Trump?
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  12. Capture+_2019-02-12-12-10-24.png In their bio it says Blackwashing is a crime yet they're doing it so I'm gonna assume they were being sarcastic
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  13. And Sniper Wolf and an affair with his step mom as a teen. Revengeance also has Sunny tell Raiden that Otacon has become a ladies man too.

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    Burned Man

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  14. Perhaps you can say that.

    Plus, I found this on tumblr.
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    #20894 Badonkadonk Trash, Feb 12, 2019
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    Badonkadonk Trash

    Badonkadonk Trash "WE WUZ HAFU ORIGINALZ N SHIEEET."

  15. The fantastic representation in these shows is a clunky ship that got shoehorned in at the last second to make the absolute worst section of the fandom that's responsible for harassment of countless others happy, and a person whose whole personality seems to be "ooh, I'm cool and edgy and have I mentioned I'm genderfluid today????"

    Truly, homophobia's dead now.
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    madethistocomment welcome to god's mosh pit

  16. Not sjw art itself but i want to talk about this here cause i think it's relevant. For those who dont know, the indie game Dont Starve released a DLC called Hamlet a while ago, it added 2 new characters, one of them is named Warbucks and he looks like this:


    He is kinda of an old explorer, and he starts with some treasure hunting items, gets a sanity bonus by carrying coins but loses sanity when eating non cooked dishes. Overall the playerbase found his design okay but didnt like him for having very boring abilities that are useless outside of the Hamlet dlc.

    But that doesnt sound so bad right? At least until the devs (Klei) decided to remove him from the game a few days ago without notice and add another character named wormwood who has plant powers. But why did they do that? They eventually explained on the forums that he was "culturally problematic".


    Sounds stupid but i know the forums can be pretty stupid from experience (they nerfed one character who was already bad because a few people thought he was op). Turns out there was some complaints about his skin color and his clothes being racist, as if Warbucks was some sort if imperialist/colonialist.

    Either way, some forum users didnt like that and pointed out the "irony" in removing the character because people complained about his skin color.




    Others defended Klei for removing him for his "extreme darwinism"


    And btw Warbucks did have some lines about hunting and calling mobs "savage" but they were changed very fast to make him him sound more discovery than conquest.

    The forums would then turn into arguments about who is more offended than the other.

    AND YES, someone non unironically said his skin color was offensive because it reminds them of Trump.




    I know it's not bad art per se but i think it's interesting because this is the first time i see a game dev surgically remove a playable character for being "offensive". Shows that people will always find a reason to be offended.
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  17. I had no idea it went this deep, what the fuck. I love Klei, but their userbase is fucking cancer.

    I personally really liked warbucks, but I can see whyyy they decided to remove him in favor of Wormwood. : \ It's not about skin color. He just didn't really have that special klei touch. And of course, these people make it about skin color
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    the sister fister

    the sister fister BRING ME THE GYPSY GIRL


  18. Oh wow..
    I just watched a video from Razinghell about the new character, Wormwood, and I, atleast, didn't hear him mention about this loss, because he probably didn't know either or I just didn't hear it, but;

    I liked Warbucks, and maybe he even could have had something to to with lore but eh?
    And you know, aren't all.. of the characters in Ds/Dst ... european? White? You know it's true, but just because their skin is "paper white", you know it couldn't possibly be!

    And what's the problem with Walani and his buddies being I guess, gray tone? It just shows that they really are "poc" and such on, and also I think it has to to with color scheme too, like in hamlet, there so many bright colors? Not sure..
    I did post some pictures of SDragonhead's art and whatever and somebody answered that "hopefully they are not going to follow these SJW opinions/ politically correct way" something like that? (edit: Didn't find it but I agree. )
    and... they are? They really are?

    And having characters that actually are interesting and if it's from historical era, then why not be THAT way?
    I'm just afraid this is just the beginning, but I hope it'll stop right here, how much are they going to censor?
    They are probably giving fuck just because they don't want the playerbase gone I would assume, but would it really be gone though...
    How many people even complained about it, I haven't seen anything and are their reasons, even good reasons? It just convinced them like that, easy.

    And yeah I kinda agree with Sister, though I feel like he still is fitting for Hamlet?
    And I'm not sure how Wormwood is more interesting than him? Atleast, like I said earlier, Warbucks could have had something related to the lore, which makes him interesting?
    Wormwood is just a challenge character isn't it?
    edit II:
    One of the developers, Jason, initially explained that they didn’t think Warbucks was very interesting, hence they decided to remove him, writing…

    “We weren’t very happy with how Warbucks was working out. While trying to find ways to make him work, we decided that he just wasn’t as interesting as we would like, and so we’ve made the decision to start from scratch with a new character. You can still continue your Warbucks saves as his files will not be removed from the game, but he will no longer be in the official lineup of starting characters. “

    Atleast they didn't remove his files, (maybe) and when I look at DS workshop the first ones to pop in is "Character enabler & disabler"second mod , and "Enable Warbucks, Disable Wormwood". Steam Workshop :suffering:
    But this was the final, and "real reason", which was shown already here;

    “Ultimately we felt Warbucks was both culturally problematic and not also very interesting to play so we decided to start over. We understand some people may like aspects of him, and perhaps we will bring some of those aspects back one day. In the meantime, we’ve decided to move on.

    “In general, we throw away a lot of our work in order to make something we’re happy with, but generally that’s before it gets released even in Beta. […]”
    In fact, even ResetEra disagreed with Klei’s decision to remove Warbucks, and they’re an extremist community filled with Social Justice Warriors.

    Oddly enough, a few of the members even defended his “problematic” aspects.

    (I do have a lot of question marks, my apologies)
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    #20898 Nikolaso, Feb 13, 2019
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    Nikolaso Bigot

  19. [​IMG]
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  20. From a business standpoint I can see why they are catering to the sjw's. They are a very vocal community and could ruin the reputation of the game. PewDiePie is in a lot of drama as of recent times due to some sjw's just not liking him, and although they are different things, they might find a way to throw don't starve in the "problematic pit" as well
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