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Why does Tumblr have an obsession with vitiligo?

  • Suicide Girl model and America's Next Top Model contestant have it, spread on Tumblr, that's why.

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  • Stop fucking asking this this question.

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  • I swear to God I will start deleting these posts.

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  • Goddammit.

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these just make me sad. one of the things that made homestuck so great and uniqe was that it was very not pc. and the sjw people just ruin it. i'm so tired of seeing those uglyfied homestuck characters on my dash and i actually get excited when i see a single good homestuck drawing that does not contain any sjw bullshit.
Sadly towards the end it strayed a lot from the non-PC mindset. It was around then that Andrew left a lot of the illustrating and probably the writing to other people

Dr. Dingo DVM

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And heres some scary godmother.

Inb4 Badonkadonk Trash comes in complaining about how this ruins his childhood or whatever.
Out of this abomination the thing that annoys me the most is the sweater stripes just being straight and not moving with the folds of the cloth. It's so jarring and so dumb that's what I'm stuck on.

Xerxes IX

Remove Kebab is a meme of peace
think that Tails was given the wrong hormones. Look at those breeder hips.
Tails is a kid too, but as the BNHA fandom can tell you sexualizing underage boys is fair game as long as you slap some queer identity on them (if you notice despite their puritan stance on how the female characters look theyre fujos through and through)

One Man Bland
That being said, it is a double standard that I have to agree is wrong. I saw so many people complaining about how men don't "understand women with square jaws" or shit like that and that's really not the case. Yeah, you don't need doubles d's and wide hips to be considered a women, but these people seem to believe that if every trained woman doesn't look like She-Hulk it's sexist. Like, no. Even the most trained women still look like women. The Samus I saw earlier didn't even look like Samus. Where's her blond hair? Her shoes? Hell, they even reduced her breast size in the pic too, making her look even more manly. When I first saw it, I thought it was some genderbent Samus, which could work.

What I'm trying to say is that I'm tired of these people clearly drawing men as women and trying to play it as progressive. It's just another form of conservatism. Reduce the breast size because big breasts are somehow sexist, but ignore how other girls with big breasts don't appreciate these guys acting like having huge boobs is a bad thing. These people give women manly frames despite the fact that even the most well-trained women body builders still keep their figure.
A big part of the problem is that the vast majority of these artists clearly aren't drawing from life when making these design choices, and often refuse to do so. Women can have squarer jaws, broader than average shoulders, and be muscular, but that doesn't mean that those features are going to look exactly how they'd look on a man. There's a ton of subtlety and nuance to how features translate on both sexes while still being identifiable as male or female, and humans are absolute masters at instinctively picking up on those differences with very few real life cases where those sensors are 100% fooled, and capturing those kinds of nuances in art is definitely a skill.

What I see with a lot of artists on this thread is that the only things they ever look at are western cartoons and/or anime where the human figure has already been simplified and stylized, and decide to take the visual markers of male characters and copy-paste them onto their female characters with no regard for what those markers are meant to signify or how they read to an audience - hence they end up looking mannish and "off" to people outside their little bubbles.

And it's not like they have an excuse as to why they can't look this shit up. Hell, women's sites and magazines regularly feature charts showing the different classifications of face shapes (though admittedly not all of them agree when it comes to examples, especially with diamond shaped or heart shaped) so there's plenty of resources out there to properly translate different types of jawlines onto characters:

But alas, if SJW artists weren't lazy hacks they wouldn't be SJW artists.
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Those are hatch-marks indicating the top of the cheek and the bottom of the lower eyelid. You can even see how they bend as she opens her mouth. They're far more than just "random lines", they give information about expression that are important when you want to convey emotion in subtle complex ways that less detailed kawaii desu animu can't do. That is to say, they look good because they mean something.
that's, exactly my point ...
its not just alita, lots of older anime and manga do it. Dragon ball the best example. And its always not just about having emotions (that's more a modern anime thing) a lot of characters in these animes have the lines on their face all the time, not just for emotion, its part of the aesthetic. Personally I think it looks really cute, but when the sjws attempt it it just looks like griddle marks on a panini
Now enough about anime, this thread is weebish enough
islam sjw sjws

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