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Why does Tumblr have an obsession with vitiligo?

  • Suicide Girl model and America's Next Top Model contestant have it, spread on Tumblr, that's why.

    Votes: 205 19.8%
  • Stop fucking asking this this question.

    Votes: 122 11.8%
  • I swear to God I will start deleting these posts.

    Votes: 28 2.7%
  • Goddammit.

    Votes: 111 10.7%

    Votes: 570 55.0%

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Preferred pronouns: shit\shits\shitself
With all these shit picrews, I made a sort of a mascot for this thread. Her name's Qash Kiawiun and she's a transgender muslim lesbian with vitiligo uwu. Feel free to draw her or burn her, I don't care
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Hi uh come again she draws what now? The Loud House characters are mainly kids, right?
Spoilers: All that humbug about that character having vitiligo is just a cover-up for when she god acid sprayed in her face after her husband had found out her word used to be worth that of multiple women.


bulbasaur is the best starter and you know it
I decided I wanted death so I went and looked up Allister's tag on tumbr

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"I don’t know shit about pokemon"- is that why they look like potatoes

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muh hedcannunz

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I don't even understand
Ever since Allister got introduced i was expecting Minus 8's shy gal stuff to appear for him but instead we got a ton of people making him non-binary (if the theory about Bea's headband with Scorbunny's fire/fighting type is true i will be so mad)


Alex Jones is secretly a hard core liberal
This, however, is literally fanart of Carrie.
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Please, for the love of God, STOP FUCKING UP A NOVEL BY STEPHEN KING!

Wow....I've never seen someone miss the point of a story THIS MUCH. What's next, Wendy calling the police, Jack gets arrested and they lived happily ever after?
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