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Why does Tumblr have an obsession with vitiligo?

  • Suicide Girl model and America's Next Top Model contestant have it, spread on Tumblr, that's why.

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  • Stop fucking asking this this question.

    Votes: 135 11.4%
  • I swear to God I will start deleting these posts.

    Votes: 38 3.2%
  • Goddammit.

    Votes: 129 10.9%

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Kiwi of sadness
How come practically nobody from Tumblr knows how to draw appealing porn?
Personally I think it's because they're so dead set on being "diverse" so you get porn of fat, hairy, disabled tranny midgets or whatever passes for woke these days. And unless you're a complete porn sick degenerate you won't find any of that remotely sexy.
I doubt a lot of porn that's made for this crowd of people is actually appealing to them but they consume it anyways lest they be labeled xyz-phobic.

Mao Hao Hao

Tis the season of spoops
I feel like none of these 'artists' even watched the show properly. Just went 'oh look, a new popular thing with main characters who have a very close relationship and are the same sex, time to race/genderbend them and make them absoluetly hideous monsters. How progressive of us'. Especially when the show is full of ethnically diverse characters already.


Kiwi of sadness


im intersex i have both uwu
True & Honest Fan
Are the first three pics like...hilariously awkward to anyone else? I mean yeah the art is ugly but the way the blonde dude is just standing there stiff as a board, there's just something so off about it that I can't put into words but it makes me chuckle.
That's what happens when you trace stock photos, memes, and tv shows without adding any stylization. It's also not helped by their absolute refusal to do any kind of shading, and thinking that an orange tumblr overlay is going to hide the fact that what they've made is gay-flavored cardboard.
islam sjw sjws

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