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Why does Tumblr have an obsession with vitiligo?

  • Suicide Girl model and America's Next Top Model contestant have it, spread on Tumblr, that's why.

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  • Stop fucking asking this this question.

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  • I swear to God I will start deleting these posts.

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  • Goddammit.

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Amber the Hedgehog
I don’t think Ivy is too bad but I think it misses what makes Ivy interesting. There are good reasons why most Ivys are sexy. I will admit that generally I don’t care much for super sexy nearly naked women from superhero comics style (and I despise slutty Harley*) but Poison Ivy has always stood out me as a character who this aesthetic really works. Ivy is many ways just wild nature, pretty and kinda fragile but given change will kill you. She also stands for basic carnal desires, and traditional nymps and other spirits ready to bring destructions. She is seductive and plotting till she can her enemies to vulnerable position, like giving a poison kiss or leading people to her deadly plants. Sexy is her first line of defense and attack. Plus gives good idea what she thinks about men, mainly that they are weak, creedy and stypid. Ivy is sexy and very interesting because of that at least to me.

* Don’t get me wrong I think Harley should be good looking just not slutty. To me slutty takes away from unique and fun character of Harley. She is pretty and she knows it but just like most people sex isn’t the first thing in her mind. She is likes having fun, telling jokes, getting a cool job, outsmarting people and being in love. Sure if situation arises where sexy is beneficial to her, she cool with that but probably not her first idea. Also she hangs a lot around Ivy who should be extremely seductive and if Harley is slutty then how is Ivy going to stand out? Arkham Asylum had show that Ivy has leafs instead of pubic hair...


"My eyes are up here pal"
I'll be honest, with all that's been shown here, I think trans people are one of the most fucked up people in the history of degeneracy.
*SJWs/Feminist's c'mon now not all trans people are like this it's just the retarted ones online and Twitter I guarantee you that these are mostly cis people pretending to be trans for attention and clout and yeah I bet some actually are trans/NB but let's not blame all of them
Edit: God dammit nevermind I was on twitter searching up examples then I lots of hottakes by trans and IamNonBinary is trending with hottakes FML why does this always happen?


Assigned crazy at birth
Probably the worst thing I’ve seen all year.
Eizouken is going to be the show of the season to get the tumblr treatment.
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whenever I see this kind of art, I can’t help but think of a bunch woman eating carpets and claiming its better then eating actual food.
You know what a “carpet muncher” is, right?
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Badonkadonk Trash

yo yo negro pirates, the gang is on the loose


Your local living fossil.

I just wanted to get a reference image. Why are the identical twin brothers different shades?!

At least they didn't blackwash Boney. (:_(
Mother 3's following is filled with this sort of trash because a lot of SJWs see the symbolism in the game at the surface level and believe it to fit their ideologies, hence you get trash like this. Thing is it isn't a bad drawing for the most part, but the blatant blackwashing for oppression points kills anything likeable about it.
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