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I'm saying that in thirty years, when he's a fat old queen, he'll look back at this and laugh.
Doubt it. People like him are incapable of laughter. Not even the cleanest, weakest pun would ever be anything but offensive to him. Disagree with him about the weather? He thinks it's cold, you say that it's warm, and he'll flip his shit over the disrespect you have for his opinions and and therefore, the disrespect you have towards him. He's the one who looks like he has his own personal forcefield because every time he's out in public, anyone who knows who he is will go to ridiculous lengths to stay at least five metres away from him at all times. If he ever left Catholicism he'll be exactly the same, just with a different obsession.

I highly suspect that the posters were what broke the camel's back. I'll lay money that every week bought yet another frivolous complaint from him about some student or lecturer or landscaper about their offensive behaviour towards him, and that every time the admin staff saw him coming cold terror would slither down their spines because they were in for yet another bout of borderline yelling, standing far too close, empty threats, compulsive fixation on shit that they have nothing to do with, and any number of other types of shit that convinces their collective lizard brains that they are under attack and that it's fight or flight time.

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There's a specific kind of defiant ignorance that seems to infect litigious weirdos like this, but it doesn't usually manifest itself this long before puberty. He's the kind of guy who'd refer to the case as a "slam dunk" or tell you he'd "have his lawyer draw up the papers" if you hurt his feelings. The extent of his legal knowledge was gleaned from an episode and a half of LA Law a babysitter let him watch on TBS once.

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Those posters are really something else. Do you guys think that he's fundie enough to think different types of colours are wicked on them? Because honestly, that shit looks like a satire in of itself.

I could seriously imagine a sketch on TV with some middle aged looking fucker like himself, with a disgustingly bland placard like that.

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I used to work with a woman like this guy, except her fixation was the opposite. a 'Jewish lesbian' with a chip on her shoulder the size of a canoe. Everything was offensive to her, and HR learned to fear her approach like the tramp of doom. Eventually she sperged out and quit after HR was finally tired of her shit and told her to go home and have a cup of chill the fuck out.

What does this have to do with this guy?


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"If that poster was a computer that I hung on the wall would you guys take it and download a hammer?"

What a persuasive argument! :story:

I have to admit that, when I saw the picture of Skylar in the Featured Post box, I thought for a moment that somebody had made a thread on Filthy Frank.

But wow, what a wackjob this guy is.
He looks like he could be Lindsay Amer's brother.


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I love how quick his argument just degenerates to "I'm the real Catholic, here", even when faced with a very sterile and neutral explanation of why the school was within its rights to expel him strictly on procedural grounds. I'd wager he's the product of home-schooling and I'm sure private religious colleges have to put up with entitled, self-absorbed little twerps like him all the time.


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I took one look at the picture and thought "when did dunkey have a shave?"

Anyway back on topic. This guy sounds bat shit insane, it's pretty difficult to think he is a grown man by the way he is spazzing out.
That looks like a 2 player game, I feel sorry for the poor sap playing with him.

Family members who have built a resistance to his chimputs or are just like him most likely.

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