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A man showed up in /r/legaladvice to ask for help on suing his college for unlawfully expelling him. He claimed to have gone to 50 lawyers to sue his college and they all turned him down.
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He did not get a warm reception there.

The man, Skylar Ittner, wanted to put his homemade posters up about homosexuality. The college he went to, Carroll Catholic, had a rule that you had to get permission to put up posters on the bulletin board. He did not ask for permission to put up the posters. He was confronted by staff over him putting up posters, he refused to stop putting them up. 3 days later, he was observed posting the posters again, and was confronted by staff members.

He decided to videotape his encounter with the staff members, despite being asked to not record.
He in the video tape refused to stop putting up the posters despite being ordered to stop, and started to argue with the staff members over their policies. When the staff members took down his posters, and refused to give them back, he started to get aggressive towards them. Skylar threatened to call the police on the staff members and made several attempts to grab the papers from their hands. He ended up following the staff members for the next several minutes threatening to call the police on them, ordering them to give back his posters and made several more attempts to grab the posters. Security was called on him and he ended up having to leave the school. He also threatened to put the posters on the wall, and to ducktape them to make them harder to take down. Due to his actions he was expelled from the college.

He did not accept that he had no case to sue the school :
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he also went to /r/Catholicism over his complaints: some responses
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he has not backed down in his crusade against the school, infact he doubled down on it
creating his own website, Keep Carroll Catholic, facebook page, and his own subreddit

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he will get you arrested if you deface his posters

he's banned from Walmart as well
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he has his own business
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and he's making his own video game:
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:story: Holy fuck. You have to be pretty exceptional to get banned from a Catholic school for being (((too catholic))

Skimming his reddit account just shows a lot of Linux NEET shit. Seeing this man go full tard about a piece of paper is great.
Guys who think theyre really fuckin smart because they know a bit of codeacademy javascript shit, who go on and and about using Linux and shit, always, ALWAYS are fucking hilarious lolcows. Hes the personification of everything annoying about the obnoxious know it all 18 year old edgelord.

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