Slapfight between retards pretending to be lawyers

Mister Y
Sep 2, 2019
OK, my bad, I though this was a thread about the lawsuit.
I didn't realize it was actually a sperging contest. I'm going back to the general discussion thread were things are unexpectedly more focused.
Please keep sperging between speds about random nobody me, if that's all you need to have fun...

I'm quite disapointed that I'm enough of a lolcow for some people, that's quite a low standard, but hey, each their own.


Surprise Witnesses
Jun 11, 2019
Guys like Mr Y are the reason we get laws like the TCPA, not because a bunch of lawsuits were actually frivolous but because some lays put it forward and old boomers go “this makes sense” because they’re old boomers who also are wanting votes from people like him.

Then they write it in a way which sounds good enough to lays and smart enough for lawyers and legislators to be like “this will make us some

It’s quite literally broken if he can see why it’s conflicting but doesn’t understand the plain text of it and why it’s broken so he just doesn’t want the plain answer.

Back to appeals, if this goes before some judges that have been the ones to reverse Chupp a few times they’ll likely reverse. If this goes before judges clearing dockets and realizing this could go to the SC they might affirm.

Human nature, but the laws and evidence clearly side with Vic right now except for the spergs who want clout and some cummies.

They’re doing here exactly what Lemonfurher did to Chupp btw. Except here we can just call them fucking retards without a shitty character limit.

They’re all celebrating but now that it’s clear this won’t be affirmed more lawyers have actually stepped forward on threads bashing Nick to bash the lawtwits back because they’re clearly intentionally misreading the law to lays to make themselves look smart. (That won’t get you clients from people who can’t afford you anyway btw lmao)
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