Disaster Slate: Beto 2020: "No Reason to Exist", Beto "A Man Open to Ideas Without Advocating for Any" - Beto Literally Doesn't Know What the Fuck He Is Doing Except Running For Office; Why? "I Don't Know"

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How he expects to be Trump when he can't even win against "El Ratto" Cruz is a mystery. Any one of his DNC opponents just need to point this out, and he will be sunk.
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Why does this guy keep getting treated like he's news? He's just some jackass who lost to Ted Cruz. Hundreds of candidates lost in 2018, they aren't all getting regular articles in all the rags.
I have a theory. I think the media, well really the people that own media, really kicked into high gear in 2016 the idea that “news” was the way around campaign finance laws. If you paid CNN for the positive coverage they did on Hillary at ad rates it'd be like a billion dollars.

So this industry that's dying and can't adapt pitched this idea as a way to stay employed.

And then Trump won.

I think Beto and the Georgia Governer Baboon were there attempt to prove Trump was a fluke, we can still be used as a way to advertise for candidates with out the few legal hang up in campaign contributions that are left getting in the way.

I'm thinking a 2020 Trump victory will, not be the death of these institutions, but be the end of the gravy train.

Sooner is the Covington lawsuits get 8-9 figures.


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It's like Ohioans in my state. If you like your shitty state so much that you have to broadcast at every possible time that you're from there, go the fuck back.
What's worst is it had Texas plates meaning they could vote.

I wish states could discriminate against natives of other states, either that or Texas should copy Puerto Rico by invoking the long dormant issue of state citizenship to fuck over the California scum and also petition Spain to recognize us as an ex-colony so we can get easy EU passports.


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Beto reminds me a whole hell of a lot of Wendy Davis, back when she was a liberal darling. She ended up running for Governor and cratered. Roberto here is running for President and will crater just as hard. They both have made the mistake of thinking that being ultra-popular with the far left will translate to actual popularity in the wider electorate. It doesn't.

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I honestly don't think he stands a chance, mostly because he's a white male and going against a WOC for the nomination, and he's not far enough to the left.


marieclaire: Beto O'Rourke Running for President Bums Me Out

Okay, okay. Before reading. You get ONE GUESS as to why this chick is "Bummed out" by Beto running in 2020. ONE GUESS. IT'S A REAL HEADSRATCHER, THIS ONE.

And that was true. But I just didn’t expect to see him, you know, so soon. As a result, the announcement on Thursday that he would be seeking the presidency in 2020 made me feel strangely conflicted, without a discernible cause for my angst. I love Beto, right? I couldn’t get enough of that lanky Texan just a few months ago. So why does this feel ill-timed, or like a misstep on his part?


I don’t think it’s his lack of experience that deters me.


But as a woman who writes about politics on the internet in 2019, I’m used to way worse than that anyway, so here’s what's bumming me out:
I think I’m just sick of white men without much experience getting stuff just because they want it.

Alright, you know what? Say what you will about the guy. But he did run a pretty decent race against Cruz, even if he lost. He went to every single county in Texas and campaigned, which was pretty badass and I respect that. I don't 100% agree with his stances on a lot of issues, but he's not fucking AOC.

This "article" is pathetic. It's basically some Woke Cunt complaining because she thinks this dude just walked in, and with the power of his Whiteness, managed to get votes in the 2018 election. But that's not even my biggest problem. This is America- as long as you're old enough to run and a born citizen of the country, you're allowed to throw your hat in the ring and try to run for president. You're probably going to fail. But that's the beauty of this country- that anyone can try. And then you have assholes like this putting out pieces trying to say that if a white guy runs for office, he'll automatically get it handed to him because of his White Guyness. Man, fuck that. Did this bitch sleep through 2016? Or literally any election ever to know that, nope, you don't automatically win an election because of your Whiteness, nor do ANY white Americans expect to. This is some exceptional fantasy being penned by some chick who's so woke that she hasn't been able to sleep in months- that's the only thing I can think that would compel someone to write this kind of thing.

I'd love to see a statistical breakdown on the race / sex of people who throw their hat in the ring to run for office. I'm GOING TO TAKE A WILD GUESS HERE and assume that the majority of people who try are white and male and probably over the age of 40. Don't like it? Throw your fucking hat into the ring and try to change it.
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So that's what he saved the 80% of his unspent Senate campaign fund (~60 million) in anticipation of.
Yeah, you can't funnel all of that to family and friends with just a Senate run. Much easier to do when it can be spent all over the place and the field is such a crowded mess that no one will notice, especially when you drop out early enough that the opposition doesn't bother to go digging.

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Back when he was running against Zodiac I talked about the fact his 2 bit campaign had a suspicious amount of media and financial hype and backing during the midterms and that there was a personality cult already being constructed on social media, and speculated that once he managed to unseat a key and well known trump ally he was gonna get wheeled out as new Obama style candidate who would spew whatever the media decided was cool and #woke and be treated as the literal messiah in turn.

Once he lost the midterms however....yeah that plan was buried by the political/media establishment fast, but Beto had already assembled a massive war chest with which to launch his presidential campaign and after being told how he would be the one to defeat Jronald Jrumpfff for so long he had enough ego to think he could win on his "how do you do fellow kids" personality alone. Thus the media is now unsubtly trying to FFFFUCKING WHITE MAAAAAAALE him fast since he is probably going to cause all manner of problems for the dems in the coming year.

but y tho I've actually never heard him talk, before now. He sounds exactly as air-headed and milquetoast as I expected him to sound.
Well... geez that's a lot of dumb...

OK, let's just go with the easy one, I guess. The dudes in Normandy were being shot at, at risk of immediate death (Which many of them suffered). The bullets shot at them were unquestionably real, there was no debate about whether maybe those bullets would actually improve their health, or whether or not we had solid proof of bullets existence.

People writing "Climate Change Proposals" aren't doing any of that. They're in no danger, nothing they do will matter since they're not doing any science, they're just writing feel good legislation with a bunch of taxes on the "wealthy".

Sissy Galvez

Beto is building a war chest for no reason apparently. Remember when they asked him to donate to downballot races and he sai “lol, no” even though people told him good luck running for President?

The grift on the left is real.

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