Orbiter Slingblade and Phil crossover thread. - It's containment for our own amusement.

Damn Near

It's lovely to be here, thank you for having me
November 2015 to April 30th, 2016 (6~ months) - Slingblade had spent the past months grooming Tim Whitbeck into believing Slingblade was his "girlfriend" and that he "loved" Tim and when he got kicked out of the last place he ended up moving into Tim's mom's house in North Carolina. Tim's family almost immediately tried to get rid of Slingblade. By January Tim's mom was allegedly openly referring to Slingblade as "it" and "that thing," and likely told him to GTFO. They gave him 2-3 weeks notice in March after he had spent a week out in LA for the TEAs (probably with stolen money). He stayed past the deadline and after that 2 weeks had become 6 weeks (with him planning to squat even longer) they finally got him to GTFO on April 30th. While at the Whitbeck's, Slingblade stole money from Tim's mom, was abusive and refused to do anything around the house and screamed at them and blamed his "DID," put Tim in $2,000+ of credit card debt, and even long after they got rid of him he continued to manipulate Tim into giving him money.
The Whitbeck incident is what makes me want this bloated old toad to die painfully. That poor guy didn't deserve all that, and Slingblade caused the kind-hearted nitwit to troon out too. Timmy's only crime was being too trusting and super horny.

I raped a dog 2day

I wonder if Phil is actually so exceptional he won’t be able to figure out how much Slingblade contributed to him getting evicted? He’ll, without Toren, there’s a good chance Phil wouldn’t be getting kicked out. The easiest way to ruin your housing is to live with a bad tenant, especially when they’re alcoholic.

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