Smaller Communities that are awful but don't deserve a thread -


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I already did that to become a mod here I don't think it'll work a second time.

Also @Zaragoza mentioned spacebattles and lemme just say, there's been some juicy drama over accusations the staff there are coddling far-right users.

Seems to come from the more snowflakey/outragey type of left on the board and not particularly substantiated? IDK it's incredible if its true and equally so if it isn't.
Thanks for the heads up, might wanna give @Adamska a shout out too to see what his observation and opinion is on this whole thing.

I haven't been on the website in a long time but a lot of things must have happened in that website for this to change, the only real noticeable change was when a couple of rogue moderators left to create Sufficient Velocity and also the 2016 Election, tears were really shed that night. :P

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The Gundam fandom. They're all autistic as fuck.
Haha, hope you enjoyed the infodump in the ANN thread in Weeb Wars.

A site helping showcase massive amounts of smartass autism in the side of obscure video game fandom. The co-founder, Pat, evidently started a "Final Fantasy Retrospective", in where he gets to also secretly vent about how "Japan ruined my life because of me wasting it on video games and fetishizing Japanese girls and anime women" like the totally not weeaboo faggot he is. Apparently from what I could gather, he left for Japan via a JET program during college and left bitter that a Japanese girl used him as a boytoy, and now teaches english at an elementary school in Jersey while lapping up the patriotism dick more than pro open carry gun rights activists and Waco Siege and Timothy McVeigh dinnit dununnits.

Other noteworthy aspects of the site include how it attracts others too ugly and irrelevant to have jumped on the "angry video game reviewer" bandwagon long after that train left the station and massive echo chamber opinion yelling to look as edgy as possible with a 2000s skeptic cynical gamer finish. I'm not surprised either that they're bedfellows with Hardcore Gaming 101. Seriously, if you wanted evidence of the kind of social isolation induced insanity the ass end of emulation and retro gaming fandom has to offer, you'll find it here.


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Although I'm pretty sure it's beginning to finally die, the MMD (MikuMikuDance) fandom/userbase. Babby's first 3D model, autistic model rules and meltdowns over the breaking of said rules, mostly by western users but Japanese users still do it. Doesn't help that the fandom mostly resides on Deviantart or niconico, so you get a more than lethal dose of badly rendered 3D fetish art.

kinda a part of the userbase, still use it if I'm lazy because weeb and some good shaders.
Most users who aren't actual children nowadays think that anything besides a lazy pose, stolen model type, and terrible lighting/shader is "too hard." So I guess they deserve what they get.

Just get Blender or something.

Also the Twitter Vocaloid fandom need to stop being such spergs. Stop yelling about how you're better than whatever other composer because politics and go back to churning out your mediocre music.

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I follow a clan I found on r/runescape that basically trolls the company that made the game (Jagex). They started spouting a bunch of racist comments and got the attention of the mods who promptly started muting and banning players. It's hilarious because the clan is full of exceptional individuals who get butt hurt over stupid things. link below to one reddit post on them.


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There's a full sub genre of the splatoon community called the 'splatoon Gmod/SFM Community' which obviously is shitty animation done in the programs.

Anyway the prominent figures of the community where caught having a(not so) Private discord called 'lewd house' and they would do nsfw roleplays and sometimes exchange nudes. Best part is a few of them are under 18 and others HAVE BEEN CAUGHT BEFORE asking for nudes from under age kids.

Worst things to come out are: A Youtuber who is still in it called 'TehCanadianSpartan' is trying (and has been successful) to take down accounts and videos on it. The fans of these accounts FORGIVE them not knowing how bad it is since a lot of them are kids. Other adults who where members (Like Ellie Godelia, Geofcraze634 and a few others) are using the 'I'm on vacation/ break' so it all blows over.

FYI: this is the same community that got rid of 'Heavy The Squid' Last year thanks to youtubers like PickSurprise, but hes not willing to now.

Heres the Hellfest:

I'm not willing to download all the images since there's so many things and i have other stuff to attend to, feel free to upload and archive.


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Hopefully this hasn't been mentioned in here before, but the entirety of the amino app seems to be riddled with pure autism. Had to babysit for a family friend a while ago, and one of the kiddos had it on her phone. Was showing off some art she posted that got some attention and all the posts below it were absolute shit tier art getting countless comments of asspats. Seems to be mainly populated by 12 year olds, judging by the grammar and atrocious art. Probably worth looking into it for the shitty art alone.

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I'm not surprised either that they're bedfellows with Hardcore Gaming 101. Seriously, if you wanted evidence of the kind of social isolation induced insanity the ass end of emulation and retro gaming fandom has to offer, you'll find it here.
I saw Hardcore Gaming 101 shit itself firsthand from 2014 to 2016, it's incredible what a clusterfuck that site became.

It's too bad as I used to enjoy the articles.

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Lost media Wiki: used to cool, now it’s just a place for cartoon spergs, autistic manchildren, absolute creeps, and (everyone’s favorite) SJWs. It’s also very strict at times. It essentially boils down to TV tropes but not really
Can you provide any examples/good reading? That's really disappointing to hear.

Obligatory “Orange Man Bad” and iirc somebody wanted to bang a cartoon cat. Also a lot weird entries too. I don’t really remember much sorry

Oh, I think on the discord, somebody was complaining about LGBT representation in Toy Story.
Given the website is about lost media? I’m not shocked they become trash. Bet you they will think the male cows with otters from back at the barnyard are a bunch of trannies. 🤪