Smaller Communities that are awful but don't deserve a thread -


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I already did that to become a mod here I don't think it'll work a second time.

Also @Zaragoza mentioned spacebattles and lemme just say, there's been some juicy drama over accusations the staff there are coddling far-right users.

Seems to come from the more snowflakey/outragey type of left on the board and not particularly substantiated? IDK it's incredible if its true and equally so if it isn't.
Thanks for the heads up, might wanna give @Adamska a shout out too to see what his observation and opinion is on this whole thing.

I haven't been on the website in a long time but a lot of things must have happened in that website for this to change, the only real noticeable change was when a couple of rogue moderators left to create Sufficient Velocity and also the 2016 Election, tears were really shed that night. :P

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The Gundam fandom. They're all autistic as fuck.
Haha, hope you enjoyed the infodump in the ANN thread in Weeb Wars.

A site helping showcase massive amounts of smartass autism in the side of obscure video game fandom. The co-founder, Pat, evidently started a "Final Fantasy Retrospective", in where he gets to also secretly vent about how "Japan ruined my life because of me wasting it on video games and fetishizing Japanese girls and anime women" like the totally not weeaboo faggot he is. Apparently from what I could gather, he left for Japan via a JET program during college and left bitter that a Japanese girl used him as a boytoy, and now teaches english at an elementary school in Jersey while lapping up the patriotism dick more than pro open carry gun rights activists and Waco Siege and Timothy McVeigh dinnit dununnits.

Other noteworthy aspects of the site include how it attracts others too ugly and irrelevant to have jumped on the "angry video game reviewer" bandwagon long after that train left the station and massive echo chamber opinion yelling to look as edgy as possible with a 2000s skeptic cynical gamer finish. I'm not surprised either that they're bedfellows with Hardcore Gaming 101. Seriously, if you wanted evidence of the kind of social isolation induced insanity the ass end of emulation and retro gaming fandom has to offer, you'll find it here.

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