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Jace has OK'd me to get some t-shirt designs together. I want hoodies and t-shirts. I'll probably get like 3 designs, X amount of each. I'm bumming an order off this Chinese guy who does t-shirt stuff for side money, but I have to put in my order quickly or I won't make it in. I'd buy high quality mats for both because I don't want to give anyone shitty stuff they don't even wear.

I haven't decided how I'd split money up, but a fair share would go to Jace. Whatever doesn't will go to server costs. I don't intend on pocketing any of the money; I don't need it. Shipping & mat costs will be relatively high because I will be dispatching orders from Oceania, so I can't name a price.

Shirt sizes
These are going by metric. Unless there is significant pull in two size categories, I'm just ordering medium.

Interest in T-Shirts versus Hoodies

Before you vote, consider the following:
  1. T-SHIRTS ARE A PHYSICAL PRODUCT. If you buy them, I will need an address or PO box to send them. If you don't feel comfortable giving me an address, do not buy one. Your address and order is handled through PayPal via HTTPS, however, so eavesdropping is unlikely. It is also illegal for me to intentionally dispatch your address for ebin purposes, so if I do leak your shit for fun, you can sue me.
  2. Jace gets money. If you don't feel Jace deserves "brand royalties" for these T-Shirts, don't buy one.
  3. I'm going for subtly. There won't be a picture of Jace or Eli or Deagle Nation's emblem on the T-Shirt. It'll be a graphical T with a comfortable level of in-joke faggotry.

GV 002

I'd be tempted to buy one for the Mister, just to see the look on his face. Seeing as his best friend is an actual Marine too, he might also get one for a laugh.


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I'm the only person handling the t-shirts, orders, and money until he gets royalties.
So it's just you who will dox us. Ok.
Also, no deagle nation emblem at all? I'd like a hoodie with the logo in the back big and some small thing in the front or something like that.


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Really depends on the design, a ballpark price estimate, and how hard Jace plugs the merch in his next livestream.
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