So when do you think this merge is gonna end? - Has the cow gone mad?


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I don't think the merge is ever going to end either. Chris already believed CWCville and his autistic lovecraftian hedgehogs were real at least as far back as the Alec Benson Leary calls, so there's a damn good chance he also believed a merge was going to happen back then too (him photoshopping irl pics of himself into Issue 10 kinda hints at this as well imo). The mixture of general public internet behavior and the enablers that've inserted themselves into his life has merely allowed Chris to be more open about what he believes is going to happen - and if things don't change, he'll most likely believe the merge is in process until he either gets the medical and psychological treatments he needs, or he dies - and my money is definitely on the latter happening.

This merge will probably go on until Chris dies or he gets bored and find something else to obsess over.
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I don't think it will. Chris ultimately believes in the merge for the same reason most people believe anything. Because it's what he needs to believe to get by. He needs the merge to be real because it's the only way his little bent tormentor will be replaced with a perfect pink pussy and he'll transform into a supermodel with huge tits. He needs the merge to be real because the mountain of debt will disappear and he'll be the richest person in the universe. He needs the merge to be real because it's the only way he avoids losing Barb and gets to live with her forever as a CPU goddess instead. The list goes on. The merge is the only way that what remains of Chris' life is not a flaming trainwreck. So barring some kind of miracle change in Chris' brain or life, I think we're in for the long haul on this one.


I think it depends how CWC reacts to Barb's (obviously death.

A. Le Epic Red Pill; Barb dies and Christine tries to vaguely act like a fucking adult. Maybe it bleeds into the general social media / Sonichu comics and everything's all edgy. Sonichu cuts himself, Magi-Chan snorts a juul, idfk.
B. Le Epic Blue Pill; Barb dies and Christine goes full mondo crazy and deep-dives into this fantasy as a way to bring her back, since Barb exists in the Sonichu land as well.

I want option A to happen but it's pretty likely B can happen, too.

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