So, Who Should Finish A Song of Ice and Fire? - Because winter will hit GRRM's core temperature before Westeros.

Judge Holden

True & Honest Fan
One of my picks was Aaron Dembsky-Bowden, or basically any of Black Library's decent-ish writers (Sandy Mitchell finishing ASoIaF would be worth it just for the lulz; the grimderp suddenly transforming into self-effacing Flashman-esque narration would cause REEEEEEE sign the likes of which God himself has not seen.) The only real criteria are 1) writing assholes in such a way that the audience wants to keep reading and 2) actually finishing the fucking work on time.
...ok now im yearning to see a CS Goto penned finale to ASOIAF in which Jon Snow's sword randomly transforms into a laser minigun, Stannis Backflips himself and his horse during the battle with Ramsay Bolton, and the White Walkers get largely wiped out by northerner children throwing sticks and rocks at them.

Oh yeah and all the female characters get grotesquely violated and mutilated in extreme detail over the course of multiple chapters and are then immediately forgotten by the other characters.

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