so you are the last person on earth. -


i would find a car with its keys on and go for a drive. never driven a car before.
If everyone else has been killed/Raptured/whatever the fuck it'd be pretty easy to walk down a residential street and find a house where their car keys were findable

Oh, yeah, and I'd try to figure out some way to help some of the newly-orphaned pets in my vicinity I guess, assuming they're not gone too. Can't help them all, obviously, but it's not like I can't use the company at that point.


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I'd get the fuck away from any large city. The amount of hell unleashed by un-maintained factories and power plants wouldn't be something anyone wants to be anywhere near.

Also the roving packs of domestic dogs picking the cities clean of food would be something I'd want to steer clear of.

I'd grab some supplies and gear and head to some house the mountains to start my life as the scary thing in the woods that every predatory animal within a mile avoids.
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Finally play all the unreleased cancelled games and betas I can stomach.
Go to secret government labs and create an army of AI servbots and ultra realistic VR.
All the palaces in the world become my personal gaming dens and I hook them up with tons of fetish gear.
I create my own gaming satellite mansion in space and spend a lot of time gaming on my golden throne as my droids create faster than light technology and now I can explore the universe ...but first, GTA San Andreas.
Yar har har! A gamer's life for me!