so you are the last person on earth. -


from the outside looking in

Prolly just wander about, witnessing the world in a state without us humans fucking things up, and contemplating my future sanity.

Oh, and jackin' it at any occasion I can while laughing at the secret government documents I now have access to.

Probably fuck off to some farmhouse somewhere where I can spend the rest of my days all the while tending to crops/livestock and gathering treasure. The fact that electricity would know longer be a thing (at least as much as it is today) wouldn't be great, but I would figure it out.

Learn and attempt all kinds of fucked up black magic to revive a dead female corpse, then repopulate the world.

If that doesn't work out, jump off a building, nothing for me in this kind of world.


True & Honest Fan
I would go for the secret government documents, feel vindicated/disappointed about my pet conspiracy theories, and then despair as there's no one to talk to about it.
Isn't there some stuff you should do like try to shut down nuclear reactors?

Go to the Chrysler dealership and grab a Dodge Challenger Hellcat, then drive that to the nearest Lancia Stratos, and take that home. Outside of that, I'll probably either be the happiest I've ever been, or succumb to madness. Possibly both?

I may or may not also go to the zoo and have my pick, then release the rest of the animals. Could be a monkey, could be a tiger, who knows?

Go to a baseball stadium, run around the outfield naked, and then masturbate on home plate.


I'm Kaito Momota, Luminary of the Stars! 百田 解斗
Finally shitting in peace at the supermarket floor, it magically gives you a nice and healthy poop that slips out easily. That's what all videos of people speed shitting at supermarkets tells me :)