so you are the last person on earth. -


Не ходи на выборы
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Make more Kiwi Farms accounts and use them to argue with myself before the internet goes out within a matter of days if not hours.

Get a nice new sexy car and drive to Cali. Break into a bunch of celebrities or whoever I found interesting houses and go through their personal stuff. Lol see how the rich and famous live. I’d do this to the White House etc.. (I know isn’t in cali)

Drain Todger

Unhinged Doomsayer
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Get a great big pile of books to read, and then, before I get to read any of them, somehow lose my balance and break my glasses. (:_(



Dread Lord of the Void
Find suitable shelter, start hoarding fuel, food and supplies as well as weapons and ammo, means to make fire, clean water. Keep rations set aside to live on during times when I'm unable to go forage some more for whatever reason. Would probably look for an underground shelter if possible since it's more temperature controlled and easier to secure from predators, plus less vulnerable to weather damage.
Oh and also hoard plenty of porn.
And collect all the silver KF coins like they're fucking aztec gold.


If being good was easy the world would be paradise
Travel to the various government offices across the world and read classified documents.

The Last Stand

I don't want to sound racist, but...
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Grab a frying pan, some sap's clothing, go to a big house and scream WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!


The greatest black man who ever lived
I'm going through everyone's stuff! And letting the dogs out of the houses.


Hiya pops, long time no post.
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Go to Area 51 and see if theres any ayy lmaos that can give me a ride to a tesco.

Haim Arlosoroff

Archpolitician June Lapincal
  1. Fly planes to Kansas City to see if any of their silos were turned into survival shelters
  2. Cry when they're not
  3. Fly larger planes to nuclear facilities
  4. Cry harder when I see them glowing a beam straight up into the night sky
  5. Fly to Antarctica to see if they have any survival facilities
  6. Watch 'The Thing' fifteen times until I want to kill myself
  7. Fly a military jet around Washington until Russia's Systema "Perimetr" nukes it seventeen times

mario if smoke weed

I'm super duper, with a big tuper.
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1. post the most racist, transphobic, homophobic shit on Twitter and laugh my ass off when there are no more libtards to make passive-aggressive, snarky responses
2. play vidya until I can't no more because why not?
3. go to dc and become the president, who's going to stop me
4. go to epstein's island to see what the hell he was keeping in there
5. go to area 51 to find the ayyliens, hopefully
6. rob a bank or something

So basically use my newfound freedom to do dumb shit and learn society's most well-kept secrets. It'd be lonely so I'd at least want to make the most of it