so you are the last person on earth. -

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Start growing my own food, see if I could befriend a stray dog or something. I would also go down to a game collection store near me (not Gamestop, a ma and pa local business type deal), and see if they have those solar-powered batteries for gameboys, along with a gameboy and any games for it they have. Maybe see if I could find a way to solar power other game handhelds? I'd probably be too retarted to figure out how to power a TV and a game console.

Gather all the preserved food in the city and store it in a suitable house with a large cellar nearby, as well as simple medical supplies from pharmacies, and other utilities. Not too close but not too far away either since I will have to travel the distance regularly during the gathering, but I also have to be able to avoid damage from the rat infestation that's about to come.

When I have a resonably comfortable setup I'll raid liqour stores and pharmacies for drugs and libraries for books. Then I'll just drink, do drugs and read for about a year before I either rope or my liver gives out (though the latter would probably make me hurry up with the former, liver failure is painful af).
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Gather supplies, start farming, get a set up
then go ahead and gather maniquens dress them up as people and maybe fuck around, go raid liquor stores, and drug stores, and pet stores, and book stores, wander the city maybe break into a mall and get fancy shit, hunker down a bit, live maybe a year or two, go insane start interacting with the maniquins as if their people maybe join the squirrels. become queen of the squirrels and throw acorns down from trees to avenge my squirrely wrath.

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Read kiwifarms forums before they go offline due to lack of maintenance, survive off nearby farms for the next few months. Steal a solar powered generator and play vidya. Collect a bunch a dogs for company. Raid all the music stores. Shoot myself after a few years from loneliness.

Figure out where I can get as many solar panels as possible, head to the store and pick up as much food that won't go bad as I can fit in my truck. If the internet is still working for a bit probably download and print as much possible farming information as I can find, and print all my family information and pictures just to be sure I have physical copies. I'd worry about historical articles and stuff but libraries probably have physical backups of all the truly important stuff so it won't be pressing. Raid the liquor store for booze.

Probably steal an electric car considering I wouldn't be able to find gas/oil ever again. Auto parts store and take as much stuff as I can to keep the thing running for as long as possible. Try my best to map out where I would go (need to get out of the suburbs obviously). Hit a farm and settle in as much as I can with the bare essentials. I live by one of the Great Lakes so I'd probably stay close knowing I have a gigantic source of fresh water, how that would work I'm not sure but with more time I could figure it out. Bottled water would be plentiful so it wouldn't be a disaster right away. Probably find some massive containers I could rig on my car and go fill up every couple days/weeks.

Once I got settled in and knew I could at least survive for a bit I would absolutely go and fuck around. Blow shit up downtown, gunfire everywhere, burnouts on the roads.

Eventually get serious and start to figure out what needs to be preserved and how to do it. If I knew I really was the last person I wouldn't bother doing radio calls or anything giving myself false hope.

It would probably be fun for a year and then get progressively worse until a breaking point. Most of us (myself included) would most likely be dead of a gunshot wound to the head a year in.


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Just FYI, gasoline and diesel has a shelf life of six months to a year, at the start it'd be easier to rely on fuel powered generators than on solar panels.

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Walk into the Pentagon, fully naked. Do a cum tribute to every portrait of a president there. Make some black ops references. And to top it off I get launch codes and start a one man nuclear war.

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Finally see what the inside of the women's restroom looks like

They are not pretty nor clean. We are pretty much disgusting.

If that's your Fallout fantasy is a weak one. I for one will start a garden, find a generator, try to learn electricity and mechanics.

Is this a rapture situation or an everyone else drops dead situation? The answers are different but related.