Social Justice Warriors - Now With Less Feminism Sperging

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Last thread was locked due to feminism sperging. So let's continue. :3

For those who are new to this, here you go:

1. What are Social Justice Warriors?

Encyclopedia Dramatica Definition:
Social justice warriors are best described as a bunch of "activists" who sit around all day and bitch and moan about how everyone and everything is "racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/whorephobic/fatphobic/arachnophobic/bigoted/oppressive". They consider everyone who disagrees even in the slightest to be a "white hetero-cis scum", even if the ones disagreeing with them are ethnic minorities, gays, bisexuals, etc. Pretty much 99% of the time, social justice warriors on Tumblr never get the fuck off their ass and actually do something, as they're too busy telling people to "check their privilege" while at the same time not noticing their own privilege as they're able to afford a computer or their own innate hypocrisy as they will inevitably rage against well-off white cisgendered people all the while having a significant amount of well-off white cisgendered people making up their numbers.

In a simpler way, the main goal of SJWs is to try to promote equality, regardless of your gender, nationality etc. It may seem good, but a closer look at them in several websites (especially Tumblr (SJW's favourite site) and sometimes Twitter) will suggest otherwise - lots of sperging, ridiculous theories and moar for you to point and laugh at.

2. Common Terms Among SJWs

You can also find moar here:

If you want a head start without reading these, here you go, the most common terms used by SJWs on Tumblr:

Cisgender - Cisgender and cissexual (often abbreviated to simply cis) describe related types of gender identity where individuals' experiences of their own gender match the sex they were assigned at birth. (Source: Wikipedia)
Transgender - Transgender is the state of one's gender identity (self-identification as woman, man, neither or both) or gender expression not matching one's assigned sex (identification by others as male, female or intersex based on physical/genetic sex). (Source: Wikipedia)
Oppression - Basically a playing the victim card over criticism.
Otherkin - The belief that they are something else in a body of a human. An example would be a foxkin (Belief that you are a fox in a human's body).
Headmates - A person who describes themselves as having headmates is saying that they have people living in their heads who they have conversations with. Think of it as imaginary friends, but to SJWs they're real.
Trigger Warning - Usually shortened to tw. Used when something was used that "triggers" them when reading a certain post. Usually used for bullshit reasons most likely to shut down arguments.
Asexual - Not having a sexual attraction to anyone.
Genderfluid - Switching back and forth between identifying as a male or female.
Truscum - A term that is applied to anyone (but especially transgendered folks) who say that gender/sex dysphoria plays a key role in being trans.
Misogyny - Hatred of women.
Patriarchy - Belief that men control the society.
PoC - Person of Colour.
Rape Culture - The belief that rape is okay due to media.
Cultural Appropriation - Liking parts of a certain culture without identifying as a person from that culture.

3. So what do they complain about?

Everything. A game that doesn't have genders other than male and female? How people don't respect their genders? How a game is shaming fat people? They'll complain about them.

If they're not complaining, they'll sometimes ask people to respect their pronouns. Be sure to see them often as if you're using them wrongly, they'll complain about it as well.

4. My Preferred Tumblr Blogs to start with when following SJWs - Documenting SJWs and their hilarious posts - My favourite satirical SJW Tumblr. - The most common SJW talked about here. A tortoisekin with lots of headmates. Though not active now, but still considered a favourite. Here's a notable post:


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Okay, that's enough shitposting. Here's a real korean getting called out on cultural appropriation... for knowing korean.


A Korean being racist for knowing Korean? Someone get the SJW's, there is an evil cultural appropriator.

From one of the best of Social Justice:
Because being a good student means you are an autistic.
Men can't be raped. Muscles aren't all that's needed to rape a person.


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A Korean being racist for knowing Korean? Someone get the SJW's, there is an evil cultural appropriator.

From one of the best of Social Justice:
Because being a good student means you are an autistic.
Men can't be raped. Muscles aren't all that's needed to rape a person.
Our Pet Lolcow can easily debunk the first link while male rape victims can debunk the second link.


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I always found the fact that they say men cannot be raped ironic when one of their favorite terms (rape culture) was coined by someone who was talking about (male) prison rape.
Regarding rape culture, would deny male rape enforce that? Regardless of whether or not one believes it exist, the SJW's only reinforce it by denying male rape.
SJW suggested going on to 4Chan to spam homosexual pornography.

From the same tumblr
Anon ask the mod/admin what SJW's might think of Chris.
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So I found this event in FTL: Faster Than Light today:

Basically, you find an alien that thinks its a human. You have to find some way to negotiate with it and calm it down, since it's also a giant insect monster.

I'm so curious if a social justice blogger has found this and ranted about how OPPRESSING it is. If someone here finds one, I will be so happy.

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So in order to understand SJWs, all I have to do is use Tom Preston as a point of reference? I could do that.

Also, what's the deal with pronouns? Isn't 'they' neutral enough?

Some think "they" as a pronoun erases their identity as a spiderkin or a kangarookin or a merkin.

I know what I want. If a SJW wants me to memorize their pronouns, they have to first recite all the presidents. From memory.

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