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I was once in a mall food court where the Popeyes was exclusively staffed by Mexicans and the Taco Bell was exclusively staffed by blacks.

Much culture was appropriated that day
Just as bad as Asian restaurants I seen where the dudes that prepare sushi or beef bowls were all of some Latino heritage. Truly some "totally Japanese and not at all Americanized" bowls of beef or raw fish was defiled by non-Asian hands.

$500 per stream you say? How much moderation is required for these $500?

No, it's ok, you're right, what someone does in their private time is EVERYONE ELSE'S BUSINESS and here on KF we're very consistent on that stance. That is why everyone who posts here has happily accepted never being allowed to work anywhere or go to school anywhere ever again, since it's known this is a racist hate site for rapist incels. Only someone with fucked up boundaries would post on a place like this. In fact, the people who are parents should probably report themselves to DHS.

I get you like saying racial slurs to black people and feel the need to hide behind "free speech" and "privacy" as to why you shouldn't be shunned by all of society though.
I still don’t see the connection between “posted her titties online” and “can’t be trusted around children”.

Honestly nudity in general being destigmatized/desexualized would be best for everybody imo.
Do either of you guys have kids? She works in a barely legal industry ( :like:) that has gone hand in hand with organised crime and drugs for almost all of modern history. Has living in Australia fucked with my perception on this? Here in Queensland you can't go near a kid in a professional capacity unless you have a blue card, which is basically certification from the government that you are not a criminal or deviant. It's not because criminals and perverts are second class citizens, it's because the goal is to protect children. The important thing though is that society has this expectation, that kids will be kept safe no matter what, which means that an unhappy parent can and will use legal action if they don't like what's happening. So her professor's choices were stand by the thot and potentially deal with a lawsuit, or hire anyone else on the earth. I know what I would choose.

And let's say that pornography is no longer tied to drugs and organised crime, and is now just a regular job, even though I would bet good money that porn being alternative and edgy was part of the allure - they still wouldn't be cool hanging around kids because parents want to be the first people to explain sex to their children, so they can contextualise it.

Anyway I would have probably agreed with you guys more if that drag queen story time shit in new york didn't end with a pedophile reading to kids.


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Starting to realize that Letterboxd’s entire community is just an extension of Tumblr because some of these reviews are just amazing lmao
How could someone hate The Departed?

How could someone write a TDS-fueled novella on how much they hate Bone Tomahawk? It was shit, but you only need 3 words to handle that review: it was shit.

A Welsh Cake

The Pride, Prejudice and Executioner


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She says this while most guys first thought would be "Oh shit someone must have tripped and fell face first onto the seat."
Also period blood is gross, not because it's a period but because it's blood.
It's even grosser than blood considering how much it consists of shed uterine lining.


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Wait any gender can get periods, therefore any gender can use the bathroom?

She’s a woman using a men’s bathroom wtf she talking about
Don't like being constantly guilt tripped for not wanting to include troons in your dating pool? Clearly, you just have rape fantasies
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no one wants to fuck a shemale with a large forehead


it just goes on and on and on and on...
This is an actual video for the show, The Good Fight. Where free speech should be limited and violence is good if it's against people you hate.
I have to admit that base description is why I didn't really give a damn about the person getting killed at Charlottesville. People who call for violence against people who disagree with them don't get to whine that the other side is better at violence than they are. You want political bloodsports to be literal bloodsports? Fine but don't Motte and Bailey me about your ideals.

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