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The funny thing about that is if she read the actual comments from Ramsay regarding the situation, it was less the fact that she didn't like the restaurant and more that the problem customer started making personal attacks on the executive chef for having a "token Asian wife". Gordon is known to be extremely protective of those who have earned their place with him, and while he's more than open to fair criticism on the quality of the food, throwing insults at a chef and staff solely based on their race is pathetic. Especially with someone like Gordon, who wouldnt choose based on race but on qualifications. If I wanted a pizza, but the best pizza around was made by some Mexican guy, you'd focus on the taste rather than the race of the person making it. You'd think a FOOD CRITIC would know this.

Don't expect this to go anywhere, as Ramsays probably too busy actually being successful to really get into more of an argument with some Twitter lady.

By this logic, shouldnt it be appropriation for anyone to prepare anything that isn't their culture? I'd love to see her reaction to being accused of stealing Mexican culture when she tries to have Taco Tuesday.


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You'd think a FOOD CRITIC would know this.
This is why you don't listen to "woke" NPCs about anything. No matter what their supposed job is, they'll always forsake it and fail to do their job in favor of being "woke" about whatever it is. If you want to know whether a pizza is good, don't bother asking them. They'll be more concerned with the race of whoever cooked it.

How could someone hate The Departed?

How could someone write a TDS-fueled novella on how much they hate Bone Tomahawk? It was shit, but you only need 3 words to handle that review: it was shit.
What’s funny is that The Departed is a remake of a Chinese movie, but somehow the terminally woke think it’s “white bullshit”. For fuck’s sake, they have their pathetic “cultural appropriation” argument right in front of their noses.

Tootsie Bear
These woke food critics remind me of Rocky's racist brother Paulie: "Weekly specials? It's Italian food cooked by a buncha Mexicans; what's so special about that?"
Believe it or not I've said the same thing to a friend at a pizza place before. I don't remember how the conversation started out but I commented on the pizza restaurant not having any Italians working here! Well, they sure did make a delicious pizza. I guess you can say I ate my own words.

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I want to see these lazy, entitled little fucks go head to head with Ramsay. God, the idea gives me an erection.

Excuse me, I gotta watch some Gordon Ramsay supercuts from his shows :)
REEEEEE REEEEEEE Gordon Ramsay is "canceled" REEEEEEEEE!

Why is "cultural appropriation" frowned upon by so many people wearing western clothing?
It's because they've taken up extremely warped collectivist views. They don't see individuals, instead they have the idea that everyone is acting on behalf of their group/ culture. When "white people" culturally appropriate something they see it as mockery, and without consent from the other culture it's racist. The problem is culture is a broad group of people. Even if most asians don't care some white guy is starting an asian themed resturant, they will find someone of the culture to complain.

You will probably never find a single white guy complaining about other cultures wearing western clothing. Therefore it's okay to culturally appropriate.

I know this logic may not make sense, but it's how these people see the world. They'd call their thinking "nuanced". Most people would call it uneducated.

the logic is that since western culture has been exported through colonialism, capitalism, and "american imperialism" it has become a global culture. Therefore it doesn't belong to any culture and is okay to appropriate. This is just a super simplified version of their thoughts. You've to keep in mind these people also subscribe to the racism is power plus prejudice theory. Therefore, even if they appropriated western culture as mockery it's still okay.


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I know this logic may not make sense, but it's how these people see the world. They'd call their thinking "nuanced".
SJWs are the most non-nuanced people imaginable. They judge people solely and absolutely by skin color and consider everyone either white or "people of color" and all people of color are exactly the same and are only allowed to have opinions dictated to them by SJWs.

They're as bad as any other kind of fundie, and actually worse than many kinds of fundie.


Gordy ain't having that shit
The funniest thing is that Gordon's probably way more tolerant than any of the fucks mad at him. The guy goes around the world to learn cuisine and culture and shows such proper respect to the craft of each.

Of course he dare commit the cardinal sin of wanting to share the food of those cultures. Tsk, tsk.

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