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it just goes on and on and on and on...
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This is a special kind of stupid - you intentionally went out on a date with another guy, got caught by your black boyfriend, and his family beat your ass, because "black american culture" very intentionally operates as an "honor culture". The fact that you were probably pregnant with your boyfriend's child while you were out cheating on him makes it an even more egregious offense in an honor culture, because you were very intentionally attempting to trap some poor fuck with that pregnancy.

Also, there's a strong chance this is a reddit-tier story, and was made the fuck up for clout. Regardless of the truth of the story, the fact that people think that anyone should be exempt from some kind of repercussions for a blatantly dishonest relationship offense like this is an idiot; sure, maybe your ho ass shouldn't have gotten beat, but you were clearly willing to risk saddling a guy with a pregnancy that wasn't necessarily his, condemning him to a minimum of 18 years of paying child support to you ass, while in college, when you're supposed to be getting a degree to make something of your life with.
It’s funny about the person saying only men feel pissed about their girlfriend/wife cheating on them because misogyny. I can think of at least 4 country songs where a woman murders a man because he cheated on her.

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They want to flood mass media, especially kids mass media, with gay and trans character to normalize it in the eyes of kids. And for the following reasons:

1. To artificially create the illusion they are the majority to spite straight people
2. To brainwash kids at a super young age into thinking they are gay in hopes that for every kid they expose to it, they can "convince" a young kid into thinking he's gay and/or trans.

In general, for the longest time most kids don't know what gay is until they are in their teens as it's something parents keep from their kids and kids can't access media that feature gay characters or gay issues until they are older. And in some cases, some folks used to never know what homosexuality was until college or when they move to a big city with a thriving and open gay community scene.

This goes against the LGBT mafia's current MO that you have to expose kids to the existence of gays/trans so you can handcuff them into the lifestyle early in life, especially through forced transgenderfication before they even hit puberty (since if you do the surgery/hormone treatment before puberty, you fuck them up so badly they have zero choice but to commit for life to being trans).

As a gay man, I grew up back when homosexuality was rarely talked about in childhood except in discussion of AIDS and rumors about David Bowie or Prince or other musicians who experimented sexually or explicitly evoked an androgynous appearance that would lead to rumors of them being gay. It wasn't until I was around twelve-thirteen that I started watching media that involved homosexuality (Philadelphia, Doing Time On Maple Drive, Dynasty, Dressed to Kill, Melrose Place etc) and that gayness was always something of a forbidden fruit deal: it was something that made a novel or film or TV show edgier than normal.

While I can see the argument of more representation IN THEORY, cramming it down peoples throats and blood libeling them if they complain is the sort of shit that undoes all of the shit that gay people have gained over the last couple of decades. Granted, I also think that there is a part of the LGBT community, that doesn't care about that and that is why the trans community is so deadset on forcing a hellish ultimatium from society at large, where they would GLADLY destroy all of the legal and societal gains made by gays, lesbians, and bisexuals if they can't get get their way.

The irony is that it feeds into the whole "and suddenly, without any warning, Germany turned Nazi overnight" copy paste. There are those in the LGBT community who SEE the backlash coming and that it's going to be apocalyptic if the gay/trans mafia doesn't stop this "full speed ahead" accelerationist crap. They have utterly forgotten the cautionary tale of Weimer and think that so long as they can help the DNC achieve one party dictatorship rule over the nation, they'll never face any consequence and will "win".
When the eventual backlash does come, I'll remember there are some good faggots out there.
Boob window armor is the worst; shaped boob armor is kinda dumb; actually drawing nipples or putting big dumb weird rings to try to look like areolae doesn’t make it necessarily not-armory, but it is stupid.
People always seem to forget shit like this was real life

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As we know, there is absolutely zero history of Asians being discriminated against in this country. Nothing bad has ever happened to them here ever.
Funny, I seem to remember a distinguished, gay, and only mildly washed-up actor of Japanese ancestry not shutting the fuck up about something distinctly bad having happened to Japanese people in America around the 40s.

Must have been the wind.


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I am a fan of “observations” decoupled from “issues“ or “problematic” labels. I think this difference in verbiage is what keeps a subject from being able to turn into a screed. It is a valid observation to make that a given fantasy armor design does not seem to be fulfilling the function of armor. It is a further valid observation that perhaps the function of the fantasy armor is not necessarily the same as the function of real armor. It may be, but it also may be to look hot. Neither of these are issues. We have to be able to make observations that aren’t just setups for complaints and problematizing things.

Yes boob window armor looks ridiculous. Yes it also looks good. Yes I have cosplayed as Alias from Curse of the Azure Bonds. No I have not cosplayed as Captain Phasma or Brienne of Tarth. I mean for one thing it’s easier and cheaper, and for another, I would never cosplay as Phasma, and Brienne is ruined for me now that she got pumped-and-dumped by Jaime, and then cucked by Cersei in the final stretch, and after all that shit she‘s still simping for Jaime in her final scenes.

I just feel like I can point out a pattern without it being a judgment or a concern. To me it is neither. I like discourse that is from that angle. I have a lot of observations. Most actually are not judgments or concerns. I have a ton of observations to make about porn, for example. Because I’m female people assume I’m going to either indict it or use it as an excuse to advertise I’m a Cool Sex Positive Feminist. Lol neither, it’s just pattern recognition.

But pattern recognition upsets people who don’t want to admit the pattern is there and/or don’t want to admit they’re part of the pattern.

Anyway black people commit a disproportionate amount of crime, gay guys are disproportionately degenerate, sometimes women do lie about sexual assault, and the only people I want attending to my landscape or re-roofing my house are teams of Hispanic men led by the white guy who owns the business.
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These people vote, and think that Ben Shapiro being on Pewdiepie's Meme Roundup is proof of "Trojan Nazism", despite Shapiro being a manlet kike.
To powerlevel a bit, that statement "politically confused" reminds me of the shit my brother told me to my face. How I'm only right-wing, christian, and conservative because I'm an autist and "mentally not all there". Classic leftard tactic, denigrate people with different beliefs as mentally ill. Never wanted to throw him out of a closed window more...
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These people vote, and think that Ben Shapiro being on Pewdiepie's Meme Roundup is proof of "Trojan Nazism", despite Shapiro being a manlet kike.
>wall of text
the left can't meme, literally ever. also pfp of man whose ideology killed more then the Nazis did and one called "no fun zone" , yeah sounds like they have a sense of humor and self reflection.
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shitty sw takes deserves a permanent spot in this thread

Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 7.41.14 AM.pngScreenshot 2020-11-18 at 7.41.45 AM.pngScreenshot 2020-11-18 at 7.41.51 AM.pngScreenshot 2020-11-18 at 7.41.54 AM.pngScreenshot 2020-11-18 at 7.42.02 AM.png

for reference pablo compared the lost of Donald trump to the lost of the nazis and confederates. notice how they don't mention this, i would have posted a response to geeks and gamers where they say the same lines there saying here, but with pablo's post there to prove them wrong. Much like how they act all the time here they continue to refuse to enage with reality. (also note: these are the people who harassed the female co star over a far milder take then Pablos)
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It's disturbing the amount of people pushing for the revision of age of consent laws in Europe. Not only in France, but all over the place, no kidding.
We even have incest advocates that want to decriminalize it completely. It's so fucked up.

A pity they cannot back that with anything else since they are as weak as an starting character in Kenshi.
Is their argument that incest is only bad because of the small chance of producing abominable retards like Charles II "the Cursed" von Hapsburg, and since gay relationships don't have that risk banning gay incest is hetero-normative and probably ableist as well? There's grooming too, but this is the crowd that thinks Queer Kids Stuff is just fine so they'll ignore it.

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