Social Justice Warriors - Now With Less Feminism Sperging

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Also, this:
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Another good reason to not use YouTube.
The replies are not very positive, at least. The pandering is so painfully obvious even twitter is seeing through it.
That's good to hear. I'm all for studying Native American history and culture but this is just uncalled for on Thanksgiving. Like white leftists kissing ass to be seen as allies rather then the useful idiots they all are.


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It's getting to the point that even I'm forced to say - (((Every))) (((Fucking))) (((Time))), and that's as someone that thinks paranoia about a "Zionist Illuminati" is ludicrous.
A lot of it is done unconsciously. A lot of Jews are just naturally subversive and do this shit compulsively (See: Kevin MacDonald's Culture of Critique).

Others do it consciously, but it's more like a "tribe" than a conspiracy. A member of the tribe doesn't need to plot with other members of the tribe. Once they identify with the tribe they can figure out what's in the tribe's interest on their own and act accordingly (Like how all the giants in the music industry know certain things like piracy isn't in their interests and start collectively working together to lobby politicians). AIPAC, the ADL, and thousands of Jewish lobbying groups exist. Sometimes rival factions emerge within the tribe, but they all agree that you can't criticize Jews in any way and that Jews should serve Jewish interests (Even if they disagree with how it should be done). And at the end of the day these factions will join together if a gentile is fighting with one of the factions. Even if a Jew doesn't know what their tribe's interest is they will still instinctively back their own tribe (Like a fish in a school of fish observes what other fishes do and moves accordingly).

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Lol no you murderous fuck, Kyle was protecting himself from people like you. So was Zimmerman. Also none of these retards seem to comprehend that getting bail does not mean you're free, which is particularly amazing for a dude well acquainted with the criminal justice system. The replies are a perfect display of Leftist ignorance, misinformation, gullibility, and terminal retardation.

You can find the footage with two seconds of googling, you fucking moron.

They have absolutely no idea how any of this works. It's all "white privilege" and "across state lines" and "assault weapon" and "he had no business there!" And when called on their bullshit, it's back to "the protests were peaceful, you guys are so dramatic lol."

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