Social Justice Warriors - Now With Less Feminism Sperging

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The Last Stand

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Aug 17, 2018
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"Consider also that on KF, you hang out with people who really believe that black folk are animals."
I don't get this fucking mentally ill moron accusing random people of being a kiwi
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Oh boy, another one of these debates of why the "N" word is unacceptable in this context...


This will be fun to unpack and dissect. Me being African-American, I think I can give a take on the usage of the N word in both contexts. However, please do not take this as absolute fact or truth, rather as perspective.

Language has power and intent with context and history behind it. The term "nigger" derives from several cultural translations meaning "black." However, "nigger" is now oft-accepted as a derogatory slur towards African-Americans and for good reason. When used during the 20th century, it had negative connotation with its usage to ridicule, demean, and disgust towards African-Americans because of their skin tone. I still think it does. So, I agree with the sentiment that "nigger" has an ugly meaning and intent behind it.

However, there is a counter for that argument recently created by society. If it's wrong for one person to say it, why is it okay for another person to utter it? I'm referring to the African-American dialect of "nigga." The argument made with Blacks using it towards each other is appropriating an ugly term into a term meaning endearment or camaraderie. Okay, fair enough. You're called something enough times, no matter the context, you grow used to it.

Where it gets muddy is again, who is allowed to say it and why. Urban culture uses "nigga" as a substitute for brother or fellow, enough to where hip hop and gangsta rap brought it to the mainstream. I've heard nigga used to intent negativity to incite hostility among other feelings. Now the crux of the issue comes into Internet culture. In short, because I've talked a lot as is, it's now used as coarse language akin to a swear word. Again, for very good reason.

I believe both usages of the N word are offensive, low-brow and derogatory. However, context matters immensely for any term. So, I don't necessarily see myself troubled with EVERY usage of "nigger" or "nigga," such as usage for comedy or political correctness. Execution, context and intent matter.

I would love to have a discussion about this, either publicly or privately.

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Dec 6, 2020
If you don't like your parents telling you what to do while you're under their roof, do you know what you can do?
Also why are these people bitching about bangable vidya characters. Aren't they going to complain about AOC being too hot? Because seriously I'd bang the shit out of her.
"@AnOminous wants to have sex with a horse" was not on my 2021 bingo card, but here we are.
AOC is the textbook definition of hypocrite. I understand Americans care about issues like health care, labor, etc and will inevitably support a politician who's campaign platform is based on that. However, I'll never understand the appeal of leftist politicians like Sanders or AOC. People put them on a pedestal that to dislike Sander is akin to identifying yourself as a right-winger. And no, I'm criticizing them based on breaking their promises to voters and being hypocrites.
AOC's antics are part of why I don't call myself a leftist. I agree with the left on a lot of economic issues but hypocrisy like this is part of why I'll basically never vote for a left-wing party.
sperging about the word "nigger"
The issue I have with the "you can't say 'nigger'" police is that the vast majority of slurs have been used against communities which have been oppressed in the past and don't lead to the same reaction. If you want to say that only black people can say "nigger", then you need to start autistically REEEEEing whenever someone who isn't French says "frog", or whenever someone who isn't Polish says "Polack". If you want to make slurs taboo words, than that applies to all slurs.
Isn't that more of a lolbertarian argument than anything else?

I mean, we literally spent the last two pages talking about a well-known SJW who wants to "tax the rich".

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Nov 15, 2016
If Amazon is going to drop $50 million plus into creating the series -- not unreasonable, since they're spending $100 million on the Wheel of Time -- they need to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. Pretty sure that is gonna include "heteronormative romance" and not two obese trannies bumping hairy beer bellies. Not even obese trannies with hairy beer bellies wanna see that shit.

Elwood P. Dowd
Nov 15, 2016
English Touring Opera drops half its orchestra in controversial move, citing ‘increased diversity’
The opera company has said it’s prioritising “increased diversity in the orchestra” in line with “firm guidance of the Arts Council.”

English Touring Opera (ETO) has dropped half of its orchestral players in a push for diversity.

At least 14 musicians have been told they will not be booked for the 2022 ETO tour, many of them long-running members of the orchestra.

The ETO has attributed the changes to prioritising “increased diversity in the orchestra,” something that’s in line with “firm guidance of the Arts Council.”

“There has been an understandable outcry from Musicians Union members in response to this news today,” the Musicians Union (MU) wrote in a statement on Friday (10 September). “It comes at an especially devastating time for the freelance community, and musicians in general, with so many struggling with little work and income during the COVID-19 crisis.”

In their response, the MU describes being “appalled” by the ETO’s decision and outlines that, “while the MU lauds efforts to increase diversity in the workplace, the Union is adamant this should be achieved fairly and legitimately, not by ‘sacking’ half an orchestra.”

Musicians are hired by the ETO as freelancers, so can be dropped from the opera season-on-season, but many have played with the company for many years so consider it a permanent fixture.

The Arts Council, which provides funding to the ETO, has responded by saying that they did not advise the opera company to fire musicians as part of their work to increase diversity in classical music.

“We did not instruct the English Touring Opera to send this letter,” the Arts Council has said. “We are now in conversation with ETO to ensure no funding criteria have been breached.”

The ETO announced hiring 12 new artists in the freelance orchestra for the spring 2022 tour on Friday.

“Following a recent round of auditions, we are looking forward to welcoming 12 new artists to our freelance orchestra for our spring 2022 tour,” the opera company announced.

“We hope that you will welcome these musicians to your towns and cities, and enjoy the musical qualities they will bring to this production.”

They did say, “This means that there may be musicians with whom you may be more familiar from ETO performances who will not be with us on this particular tour.

“We want to thank them for the seasons they have toured with the company and for the collective contributions they have made to ETO’s success over the years.”

Amber the Hedgehog
Aug 23, 2018
This sounds like straightforward a case of discrimination. I get that they are freelancers but the person in charge has openly stated that they were fired or not hired for being wrong race, gender and sexuality. That's what diversity means to these people, less straight white cismen. Somebody probably should sue.

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May 28, 2020
Now I'm not an expert on Buddhist history but I think the first statue of the Buddha was made by Greeks that arrived after the conquests of Alexander, those Greeks made the Buddha look like a Greek man, because that's what we humans generally do, when we represent a deity that looks like a human we made them look like us, because it's easy to understand, that's why black and asian Jesus are a thing, because Christian churches in Africa and Asia represent make him look like them.
I miss when all Afro-Centrists/Kangs did was make retarded claims about how everyone before the invention of the camera was black and made shitty rap videos about ancient Egypt, now they do shit like stab random jews in NYC and chimp out at the EU parlamient about reparations and shiieeet.

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Feb 28, 2019


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Jan 19, 2021
Looking forward to those diverse musicians bringing their traditional instruments. The Indians can bring the sitar, the Africans can bring sticks and rocks, and the Pakis and Muslims can bring sullen silences and a backpack bomb for the after-parties.


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Jun 24, 2020
They aren't the smartest bunch, I know.

I went through the same deal when the local fag bridgade was pissy about having cops at a pride parade. "Oh, last time they kept us separate from the Nazi gay haters, with them gone we can kick the shit out of the evil white supremacists!" Not a single stray thought about how a wispy shemale Twink would fare against a standard human male with normal testosterone levels. Absolutely insane.

Or with Rittenhouse when I pointed out he was an example of a community policing itself.

The point is that they seek power and validation, not moral or logical consistency.

Anti-prison people probably want to send murderers, rapists, and pedophiles to state-funded looney bins like this:



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Aug 28, 2019
Is there any voice in the black community that gets that black people selecting their own Kryptonite in word form is like, weak and ruinous to them? Like what if I told you you never had to select any magical power word for others to use against you at all? You could just LOL and move on. Instead you created your own geas, any time someone not black says “nigger” you have infected your people with the meme that they have to writhe in emotional agony and of course act out in some extreme fashion in response.

Why do all that when you could just...not? I mean I know the answer is, it’s about power and controlling other people in petty ways since you cannot accomplish anything significant. So you have to complain about the word nigger and about anyone not black wearing braids or dancing on TikTok. That is the level y’all operate on.

This isn’t a brain drain, these are all struggle session officers either being booted as they become problematic for the district, or sensing the winds of change themselves and GTFO to some sort of think tank or similar advocacy role, moving the grift around a bit.

This is like saying waah, this chemotherapy has rid the patient of so many cancer cells.
I applaud you for both using "geas" correctly and making me realize what an apt comparison this is.


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Aug 2, 2020
Irish SJWs: There's a serious housing crisis that the government needs to address as soon as possible!

Also Irish SJWs:

God, I can't stand bleeding heart liberals. They don't think rationally or logically about their ideals and their consequences before trying to act like they wear their heart on their sleeve.

Anchor babies only contribute to the housing crises and overloading of services. That's why the 2004 referendum was openly voted against. The only country who does birthright citizenship really is America and that's a far larger place than Ireland with different dynamics.
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