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Social Justice WarriorsNow With Less Feminism Sperging

Discussion in 'Community Watch' started by Alan Pardew, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. We should tell them as it is the white mans burden to educate these poor illiterate minority’s.
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    Inquisitor_BadAss Rebel without a clue

  2. Nah, they're too busy guzzling semen to understand
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    vertexwindi Diddy does it for free
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  3. Find out what parties those guys will go to. Get like ten of your friends to wear brick or chain link fence patterns or whatever, link arms and say you're collectively Trump's wall.
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    Alec Benson Leary

    Alec Benson Leary Creator of Asperchu
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  4. leatherman jnr come across as the sort of guy where I'd keep my drink real close If I was a girl and keep a firm eyes on my drunk mate.
    They appropriated our culture.
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    Morose_Obesity Let white people enjoy things
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  5. They’re Mexican (made by Barcel) so of course they get sold here.

    I buy the culturally appropriated ALDI knock-offs though because I’m cheap.
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    ObeseScreamingBlackMan FootballAmerican
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  6. Takis are good. I've probably had every kind in existence, even the shitty American Doritos versions. There's a store near me run by a Sikh who decided a year or two ago to try catering to Mexicans by stocking the place with every Mexican thing he can find. Seems to have worked well for him actually. And now I culturally appropriate Hispanic goods all the time, from another guy who appropriated them first.

    Also, it looks like I'm a white supremacist now, because no way am I going to stop pedo bashing.
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    TheGreatCitracett Knows the four Wude

  7. of course nambla would be involved in the anti pedo bashing thing.
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  8. I was seriously confused and thought that they were talking about Columbia the country...
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    friedshrimp Doug Walker's angry ex-wife

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    Baldur's Gait

    Baldur's Gait Must we be so insufferably charitable?!

  9. Is this picture recent? Antifa is openly aligning themselves with NAMBLA now? How do people defend this?

    Together our values are: punching nazis and raping little boys!
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    Nuthatch chirp chirp

  10. I want to say that was tonight at a protest of Mike Cernovich actually. Not certain though.
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    TheGreatCitracett Knows the four Wude

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    oldTireWater Incompetent as fuck

  11. and now, here's the part where i nit pick a number of posts from the comment section of the article, whether theyre for or against the main point of the article in question:
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    #19274 Deadwaste, Oct 30, 2017
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  12. Now I'm wondering if there should be a Rose McGowan thread.

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  13. For reasons I don't understand and can't resolve because gmail is gay, I keep getting medium emails. And for some reason they are always about some sjw being a sped, or mike cernovich being a sped. Anyway, the medium article I woke up to this morning told me the terrible story of Kimberley K, and it is too exceptional not to share.

    Kimberley K is the stunning and brave writer of code.likeagirl.io, and in this amazingly brave piece she explains the months of harassment she received at the hands of every man in existence when she won a hackathon in Lisbon last year.

    Since some of you are probably too sexist to read the extraordinarily long but also extraordinarily courageous article, I will summarise it for you.

    A woman joins a hackathon with an autistic guy she doesn't like and wins first prize,which includes three tickets and a booth at some tech conference. As 'project leader' she considers the project all hers and fires the autist. He is not on board with that and wants more of the winnings than she feels he deserves.

    With this as his goal, he starts up a vicious harassment campaign by sending her lots of emails, and continuing to demand his share of the prize - at every single stage remaining unflinchingly polite, and even cordial, offering to make shirts for her and other autistic shit after she fired him.

    Of course, it only looks that way to me because I am a violent male rapist - with her vagina assisted decoder ring, Kimberley K sees his friendly autism for what it really is - an East Germany style intimidation campaign fuelled by testosterone and a fervent hatred of women.

    This is exacerbated further by the monstrous behaviour of her male mentors, who, probably due to feelings of gender hatred bred into them by the patriarchy, sometimes don't 100% agree with her all the time and sometimes even go so far as to ask questions (or as they are otherwise known, verbal rapes) about the situation.

    Fortunately, Kimberley has bravely stepped forward with her courageous story of triumph against impossible odds, so we can no doubt look forward to another progressive sanctioned lynching when the guy gets doxed.
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  14. >No rape apologists
    >No pedo bashing


    Is all sense of irony lost on these people?
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    SwanDive Unironically likes soymilk

  15. Bit different angle here, now you can clearly see some BLM people in the group too.
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    TheGreatCitracett Knows the four Wude

  16. Wtf! Supporting nambla will sure show people that you are in the right and they are wrong.

    Protestors supporting pedophiles make the other side look 10000% better. Great job u nasty kiddie diddlers.
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    Sinners Sandwich

    Sinners Sandwich Eid, Pmurt, Eid

  17. "Its not rape the child was consenting and I don't apologize!" The logic I assume will be used here.
    Burned Man

    Burned Man Trans-Legion burnedgender Mormankin

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