Social Justice Warriors

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Feb 6, 2013
Hey, folks. Apparently the last thread became too filled with the personal biases of the users to become a viable discussion of SJW absurdity, so it was closed. As such, here's a new one

Some recommendations:

- Please keep it on-track; no long discussions about why you dislike this or that ideology, movement, or philosophy followed by the SJWs

- Please keep ranting to a minimum; there's more than enough to discuss about these folks, so no need to clog up this thread with overly long diatribes

-Please keep personal conversations to a minimum. Really, if there's anything that could be just as easily discussed between specific members in a private conversation or over Skype, then it doesn't belong here

Other than that, there's nothing else but the standard forum rules. That being said, anyone found anything particularly silly that's stood out yet?
Not open for further replies.

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