Culture Socialism Themed Monopoly Divides The Internet - Hasbro tells socialists to BTFO

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It isn't really utopian, or else all improvements to society are utopian. It is human nature to be fair and generous, and it is fair to say that charity is not enough.
Human nature is competitive. That, I would argue, is self evident. Being fair and generous is something reserved for the top crust of the population that have out-competed everyone else physically and monetarily, and so have started competing with each-other morally and intellectually.


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Yes, it seems fair to think that most people take pity on those who suffer to the extreme. This is not a remarkable thought.
A lot of people say it. A lot of people pretend to mean it. Even further still, there's plenty of people who think they do but actually fucking don't.

Saying that it's human nature to be fair and generous flies in the face of literally the entirety of recorded human history.


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Yes, it seems fair to think that most people take pity on those who suffer to the extreme. This is not a remarkable thought.
Not quite. Most people might feel pity. Actually doing something about it is another matter.

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it just goes on and on and on and on...
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I dunno, but as of right now it's a lot harder to buy Monopoly Socialism. Hasbro no longer lists it on their website, and it's gone from Wally World and Target. Still shows up on Amazon but expect to pay through the nose.

I mean, sure, it could just be due to low sales.



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iirc back in the 70s there was "Anti-Monopoly" some riff on the Monopoly thing but with some other pile of slop on it

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