Sockness manipulated Chris with threat to stop the Merge, RPing as Magi-Chan -

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Sockness even said he could live off his sugar daddy 24/7 like some gay gold digger, but he feels proud of having a section 8 place because he got all that by himself with no help from others.
A-haa, "all by himself". LOL

His house looked like your average babyboomer middle-high class style. Very wellkept and clean. In the video sockness is recording him sitting on a chair in the living room watching sports, Sockness approaches from the back, tells him something, he replies "aww my boy! " like he was almost ready to do you know what. And then Sockness runs to the guest room and ends the video.
Where is this video? I wonder if Sockness' sugar daddy knows about Christine. Jeez, if Sockness can get a sugar daddy, anyone can get one. Anyway, the story still seems kind of suspect.


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Still surprised chris hasn't looked into Auto Auction websites yet, with a situation so "Desperate" he might as well buy a new car.
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Oh well, even if he tried something will stop him... Bad Credit, Late Payments, No Payments, Reposessions... Who Knows?
You know shit’s gettin real when not even Magi Chan can solve your problems.

But seriously, all Chris has to do is make a couple videos and the paypigs will cough up that money quick.

Yeah. I agree with this. Someone needs to stop this. As funny as it is, this could end very very badly for our hero.
To stop it would be white knighting. If Chris is dumb enough to get tricked by a Downie than he deserves everything that’s coming to him.
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Sockness even said he could live off his sugar daddy 24/7 like some gay gold digger
Sockness also says he’s a dark wizard who devours alien souls and works for a space-satan who wants to rebuild the universe in his own image. If there isn’t a video where they kiss or something, I’d bet it’s probably his actual dad. Sockness likes to play pretend.
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seems the idea guys uncorked the bottle on trolling chris with sanity issues, and the downside to that is now it shows Weens an easy way to manipulate Chris and the Weens are just that Weens, Sockness is just another example of Idea Guy type trolling, play to Chris's insanity and get him to do what you want or X Y and Z isn't going to happen and Chris keeps falling for it. It will be interesting to see how the Sockness involvement proceeds but I doubt its going to get any better


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Sadly we can't call Sockness's mother because there are many ways in which she's not in his life.

- either a centenarian right wing conservative who threw him out at 16 when he came out.

- or a nun in a Wyoming Rocky mountain convent who has no contact with anyone except the good Lord.
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I've been fucking saying Sockness is a malicious 'tard this whole time & everyone blew me off.

I fucking told you.
I always saw bad intentions since the first moment he began trying to get noticed, but what I wouldn't have imagined is that Chris would give him any attention, much less fall hook, line and sinker. Chris stupidity really knows no bounds.