Sockness planning a "several month visit" with Chris. -

The handsome tard

Im strangling Mister Cash for bringing up my wife
Sockness worries me immensely because he seems to have real issues with violence, not Chris’ “RRRRR IM GONNA GET YOU YOU DAMN DIRTY TROLLS!” Chris reacts like a child does when things don’t go his way, he throws a tantrum, whereas Sockness has more real violent fantasies.

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It reminds me of this Calvin & Hobbes comic. Calvin (in a more Chris-like mental state) wants to blow up school because he hates it. I feel like in the same situation Sockness would want to blow up the school with everyone inside to make a sacrifice for his imaginary demon god.
You know, its fine to have "power fantasies" at times (even as an adult, but even those mature at that age). The difference is if you actually believe and act on them...
It wouldn't shock me in the least if this fucking weirdo raped and murdered Chris and then ate his liver to take his power or some fucked up shit like that.
Im starting to wonder if people thinking this of him arent hoping that this is exactly what would happen deep down.

The Un-Clit

After the Dimensional Merge, pussy eats YOU!
You people really do have too much goddamn time on your hands. Sockass is likely reading this and beaming with glee that people believe he's scary and evil.

The absolute worst that could happen even if Sockness DOES show up for a visit is two homos slapping the flesh together. Perhaps one of them being unwilling, but I really doubt it. Sockness isn't going to murder anyone or any thing, neither is Chris. They'll feed each others mental delusions and possibly have gross dont-want-to-imagine-it sex. That's all.

Let tomgirls in love have love. (until Chris snaps at the clingieness and throws his ass out).

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