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Gimme a strong ginger beer. Not sweet or fruity. I like the kind that takes the back of your throat off, it burns so good.

Stewarts made one like that, a long time ago. Never found anything close to it again.
There also used to be a brand called Old Tyme that was like that. I miss it.

Goya's ginger beer is acceptable but it would be a lot better if it weren't so sickly sweet. The ginger should predominate.


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My favorite is Fentiman's Curiosity Cola. My mom goes downstate about once a week to visit her friend and my sister, and every time she does, I ask her to buy some for me at a gourmet food shop near there.

Second favorite is Cheerwine (ohai @Bassomatic). I was overjoyed to see it finally show it up at a local supermarket, so I don't have to go an hour to Cracker Barrel just to get it.
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