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  • Despite what alcoholic retards are saying, there are no plans to shut down the Kiwi Farms.


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When I'm out coke, dr pepper, sprite types, or green dew.
At home or work aldi generic la croix fizzy water lemon or lime flavor all day erry day.
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Boris Johnson

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My go-to fizzy drink is San Pellegrino lemonade - it's incredibly sharp, which is better than sweetness in drinks for me!


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My favorites in order

1. Sprite
2. Orange soda (Crush, Sunkist, Jarritos, whatever)
3. Cola (RC and Coca Cola are my faves)
4. Mountain Dew

I only drink soda if I'm at a restaurant these days, so not very often. I stopped buying it for home years ago, because I decided I wanted to continue using all of my original teeth. Positive side benefit was dropping about 20lbs. almost instantly.


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Not too much a fan of soda these days on account of stopping to help lose some weight. Don't wanna get da beetus, no sir. Shit's just way too cloying and rich after not drinking any for a long while.

But stuff like Rogue's small batch sodas where the flavor is mellower and smooth I can do just dandy. The only three flavors being Citrus Cucumber, Honey Orange, and rootbeer but they're absofuckinglutely delicious! Very fond of citrus cucumber. Expensive for a soda though so it's a sometimes treat.


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I haven't drank soda since 2011. It started off as a New Year's resolution. I love water. Water is good.


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I love me some Dr. Pepper; anyone remember berries and cream?no? okay(:_(. Can't really drink root beer anymore without my stomach throwing tantrums.