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What does that .WARC file do?
The Web ARChive (WARC) archive format specifies a method for combining multiple digital resources into an aggregate archive file together with related information. The WARC format is a revision of the Internet Archive's ARC File Format[4] that has traditionally been used to store "web crawls" as sequences of content blocks harvested from the World Wide Web. The WARC format generalizes the older format to better support the harvesting, access, and exchange needs of archiving organizations. Besides the primary content currently recorded, the revision accommodates related secondary content, such as assigned metadata, abbreviated duplicate detection events, and later-date transformations.[5]

WARC is now recognised by most national library systems as the standard to follow for web archival.[6]


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I don't think so. I think is a custom format. They edit the page, especially for shit that has paywalls.
Maybe, the de-duplication feature would be a big deal for a site like There's a lot of software libraries out there to work with them, as well.

found some viewer software

it's a single clear text file with all the images embedded directly into it. Including a bunch of meta-data.

AF 802

Anyone know a good cheap VPN that isn't PIA or Mullvad? Both their Chicago locations have been pushing single-homed Cogent servers, which is not good for peering (Cogent's network is total ass). I need something with a good Chicago location for ping reasons.


Anyone know a good cheap VPN that isn't PIA or Mullvad? Both their Chicago locations have been pushing single-homed Cogent servers, which is not good for peering (Cogent's network is total ass). I need something with a good Chicago location for ping reasons.

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Something diffrent but

I endorse the mpc-hc video player

It plays every video file i have, can switch audio on the fly, supports subtitles and is highly customizable
Underrated feature of MPC-HC: the ability to find and download subtitles for the video you are watching. If the movie/show comes with shitty subtitles there's usually 5-10 different ones available in english at the press of a button.


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I hope it will help to separate things, to create lesser mess than it's worth, to write posts I think we can use 'category tags' such as;

Font size 6

this is sample

ORGANISATION (and so on)

Ok, so let me start, I have few tools you might see useful on everyday.


OsArmor [from novirusthanks]
Application is still during development, such as rest of the toolbox [free] from this company
It gives you lightweight anti exe, anti rootkit and anti spyware and lot more protection by tracking changes in the system and blocking them, it's lighter than traditional hips and have lot of options, the biggest con is the fact that you must have more knowledge about your system to use it better than on default settings (optimal for normal users) and that the gui is still in development so if you want operate with white and black lists you must use notepad, but I believe they will rebuild everything for comfortable usage in the future (I recommend this for now and for future usage, it's really solid, but I can't take responsibility for your actions, recommended to use on non modded windows)

Windows Firewall Control
Very light, very easy to navigate extension to windows default firewall, you can easily add and export/restore rules and settings, I believe this is better for anyone who don't want play with comodo firewall or spyshelter firewall [both are more advanced, but rather for people who really have problems with getting lost on the internet]

Sandboxie, probably many of you never heard of that, it's like virtual machine but for your browser, it's completely separated from the rest of your system, which means that your system is safe for 90-95% because downloaded files, as much as are annoying to move/navigate [matter of usage imo] the overall system security is boosted a lot...because all changes are not applied to the system and browser [except sync in chrome, it should be working normally because it's something different]


Probably zero surprise here;
AOMEI One key recovery [1.5 because it's last free, newer versions can potentially become more and more limited]

it's much better than rollback or acronis and much faster and simpler, you just create hidden recovery partition you can use in any time, both restoration and backup are pretty fast [around 20 to 30 minutes and both work fine]

same goes to normal AOMEI backupper, it's simple, it's fast, and it just work!


Mine Time calendar
simple, free and better than system one, it's pure joy :biggrin:

eM client, for mails, universal, fast on mid-end workstations, have plenty of options


Windirstat, file scanner, just like spacesniffer but in form of the list, both are good for locating disc clog

Aimp player, very good music player with lot of settings

Pot player, good VLC replacement, on default it automatically boosts low sound in the videos

Everyting- file searcher, faster than explorer and way better

I hope this thread is not 'spam' for you, just wanted help :)



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ah, ok, I thought that this thread is only about browsers and such, so for me it was dumb to write in there

edit; you can get softwares from team os forum, it's 'safer' than torrents [for pro versions]

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Everyting- file searcher, faster than explorer and way better
Dang it, I came here just to recommend that. Windows search is so incredibly bad. I search D: for a file/folder, it takes a while but no luck, so I search E:, wait, no luck, maybe it's on the USB backup, nope. I search D: again with the same exact query and oh, it was there. I really just want the path to the folder so I double click it and go to the address field to copy it and FUCKING SHIT it's that "search-ms:displayname=Search" garbage, I should have done the "open folder location" so I back out aaaand windows starts the search all over again and it takes a while. God forbid Windows finds a bunch of files, it displays them in a jumbled mess and sorting the results alphabetically can't be done without Windows doing another search. It is so bad.

Here's the download link for everything, it's truly fantastic:

Is there a VPN that gives you a fake passable IP? .I heard that many services know the fixed ip ranges that vpns give to users?
Not that I know of, the only way might be to hunt for unguarded proxies like in the olden days or have someone with a residential VPN allow you to piggyback on it.

edit: another recommendation, LUAmacros with autohotkey
Do you have a spare keyboard laying around? Of course you do. Ever wanted to macro an entire keyboard into commands and shortcuts for different programs? Of course, that's every boys dream. Usually Windows treats the keyboards as if they were one and the same but luamacros separates them into two, autohotkey can then use that to create custom commands for one or more keyboards. Very nice.

But luamacros was created by, and for, flight sim grognards that wants to run seven keyboards with individual keys for every single toggle and doodad that is in the cockpit of a 737. The documentation isn't great and any tutorials are written by morons, there's no GUI either and it works by writing LUA scripts. Good times.
But figuring all of that out comes in handy when using Autohotkey because the situation is similar, right down to the lua scripting.

When it's all working it's great though, well worth the effort.
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If you’re on Windows
FOSS and way better than the default explorer.

If you’re interested in online privacy whonix is the best all in one solution.

Whonix+querbs is top tier.
Unless you’re doing hardcore reporting in war zones it should cover everything. Runs all programs in a separate VM and the way it is setup means the only exploits that can work are hypervisor exploits/hardware exploits.

If you know someone that refuses or is unable to use PGP then using something like is good *enough* for most things. Really great free password manager that isn’t dependent on paid cloud services.

Also test your browser on here

Doesn’t matter if you use the best practices if your fingerprint is unique.
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Not a software question, but this seems like the best thread to ask in. I'm currently in the process of collecting the full romsets of the systems I don't already have for emulation since it's becoming more difficult to find a lot of these things anymore easily. I'd like to make a few physical backups of the collection when I'm finished, but I'm unsure what the best option for extremely rarely accessed long-term storage of data these days is that won't make me entirely broke.
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