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My ISP is good and have repeatedly fought in court to not give out user information and to protect privacy. When police or anyone else wants information out of them they get a standard form with two alternatives to state why they want it. Paraphrasing, one says "Is this some petty bullshit about file sharing, stupid posts on the internet or other crap?" and the other one is "Is this about serious crime like child pornography, terrorism, murder or anything that carries with it a prison sentence of two years or more?"
If the first box is checked it goes into the trash.

They're cheap as well(100mbit, ~$32 a month, no caps) and they're rolling out 10gbit for crazy people and that only costs ~$50 a month.
(checked out their website to confirm that and saw that 250/250 cost $4 more per month than a hundred, so I upgraded and got a new router)
If you’re US based

I mean cool they respond that way to file sharing notices mine does too. Didn’t want to test that and went with a VPN that allows p2p sharing. Regardless the alphabet agencies slurp up that info.

AF 802

I just setup my old 20" Acer monitor from 2007 as a ghetto dual monitor setup and I'm looking for a good source of dual-monitor wallpapers. Suggestions?

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Any thoughts on Via Browser?

I gave it a try and I like the fact you can change the font size in order to make proper use of a big screen. Has ad block built in and it lets you browse full screen. It's really comfortable.

What's keeping me from switching to it is the fact that it's Chinese and I don't trust it.
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There should be a Linux distros section. I've had good experiences with Void, Ubuntu Mate, and Debian (though Debian does have a learning curve, especially since it doesn't contain the firmware by default.)
Yes. Agree. I have used Ubuntu for years. Many of the same software mention in the initial post work for ubuntu as well. Chromium (not Chrome) is OK - but just begun to play with Iridium browser and also Brave. so far, looking ok. But would be happy for others' opinions.
Mostly I use F/F - but with different profiles for different tasks.
As for email, tutanota is OK, as is posteo, if you are willing to pay a euro a month.
Mullvad and Air as VPNs seem OK. But you have to try them out yerself.
At the end of the day, against the NSA or GCHQ, you have fuck all chance if you are gonna do bad stuff.
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I really like ShareX for screencaps. It has several cool features including scrolling and GIF capture. The scrolling capture I have about 75% success rate with.


Removes all EXIF data from your photos.

You can install simply by running:

apt install exiftool
And run with:

exiftool -all= sample.jpg
EXIF is the information that your camera (smartphones included) embed in your pictures, most of this info is related to the camera itself (Brand, Model, Lens used, Aperture, Focal lenght, etc) but it can also contain more sensitive information like your camera serial number (maybe even your phone IMEI), it can also contain information abtou the software you used to edit this photo, when it was done and even some information about your PC and even GPS data, you can see an exemple here, this is an EXIF from a sample photo taken with a real camera.

All the EXIF info:



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I like Linux Mint because Unity is fucking shit and I thought it was a babbys first interface made for netbooks.

Even at its best Linux is the bachelor of operating systems, in some ways it's like visiting a dude and taking a piss, when trying to flush the toilet you notice the knob is gone. He says 'just stick your fingers in the tank and pull the rod up'. When asked about it he says 'you get used to it'. How long has it been broken? 'the toilet isn't broken, it still works'

It's not bad by any means but this year, or the next, or the one after that, is not when it will be conquer the desktop.
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Just tried @Null's advice in the website footer about switching to using Brave.

It's pretty good, actually, like Chrome without the bullshit and faster as well.

Update: Slight caveat. Brave is SUPER ANAL about being secure, which can be a problem for signing in to certain websites, and Google accounts tend to get crossed signals and freak out due to cookie mismatches and other crap like it mistaking you for a bot.

I recommend keeping a secondary browser (like Firefox) around if you have all sorts of issues logging in to certain sites.

Also, keep in mind Brave is forked from Chrome, and any downsides of Chrome (finding Youtube video downloaders is a pain in the ass) carry over, but it is far more secure and somewhat less a resource hog than Chrome.
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Something weird seems to be going on with NordVPN and their app.

It began after Reg reader Dan became confused when his office network's security products started alerting on traffic from one infrequent visitor's laptop. On looking at the logs, our reader saw it was talking to these "garbage" domains:


Further scratching of heads led to infosec bod Ryan Niemes' personal blog, where he had written about exactly the same odd traffic. Except Niemes had noticed something else too: these domains weren't owned by anybody. So he bought them and spun up an EC2 instance to log what was coming in.

"Fast-forward a few hours," he wrote, "I ran a netstat command and saw a crapload of connections to 443. So, I registered a Letsencrypt certificate & watched my logs start to fill up."


Niemes saw a number of API calls within the HTTPS-encrypted traffic hitting his new domains, including:

GET /v1/users/services HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/users/current HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/servers?filters[servers.load][$gt]=85&fields[]&limit=5114 HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/servers?fields[servers.status]&limit=1& HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/servers?fields%5Bservers.created_at%5D=& HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/servers/count HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/helpers/ips/insights HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/plans?filters[]=1&filters[plans.type]=android_sideload HTTP/1.1 GET /v1/helpers/hosts/metadata HTTP/1.1

"The POST I'm seeing is concerning because there's a field called renewtoken which appears to be unique," he told The Register. As well as the user-agent string, the inbound requests also disclosed app version, host operating system build and the user's IPv4 address.

is there software that can bulk download media from Twitter?

EDIT: I have found Image Cyborg and will see if it pans out, i'll try to keep you updated
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