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Made a custom Linux for Kiwis:

Dude NOOOOOOOOO *sigh* you just know I'm going to have to give it a go!

I've been ignoring this thread for ages, I knew I should have kept ignoring it!


It doesn't have any useless pretend privacy bloat and doesn't decorate itself with "we value your privacy" mottos but sells you out anyway like brave or firefox. What change are you talking about?
It doesn't fucking work and require specific CSS hacks to accommodate the 0.0001% of the (VERY, VERY VOCAL) Internet that fucking uses it like it's fucking 2003.


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If you're a phonefag, Cloudflare has a new VPN called WARP that comes with their DNS resolver, It's free for 10 GB, but their paid option that gives you unlimited data only costs 5 motherfucking dollars. That's probably the lowest price for a VPN I have ever heard, and so far, it's pretty good.

If you are still bitter about 8chan, I understand completely. But if a service works well, it is what it is.

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A lot of things about video and video accessories and only software that is free, no paid stuff.

This will be split into a couple of parts/posts.

Starting with Simple things that are easy to learns seems like a good idea. If anything interests you just google the names.

1. AviDemux, it a small and very simple editor. You don't want to edit in it, it is for quick trimming or for pulling out video/sound from different parts of the file. Set an in marker then an out marker and save, anything between those two will be saved as a clip without encoding them again(if output is set as copy). then that can be repeated until you have everything you want. It is also possible to append several clips into a bigger one, don't do this.

Audio tracks can easily be extracted from a video in seconds by pressing the "audio" menu up top, no need to use command line ffmpeg or anything like that.

This is the it with no video loaded. The interface is sparse but it does it's job very well.

Highlighted in yellow are the setting I recommend, trimming or extracting a sequence happens about as fast as your hard drive can handle the reading/writing if it's just copied out. Sound can also be shifted if out of sync.

At the bottom of the picture above is "configure", it can set the flag for the aspect ratio. If you captured something from VHS(4:3) the computer file might end up 16:9. Change the flag, click, it's done. Useful from time to time.

It can recompress into different formats but Handbrake is a way better and more comprehensible solution. It can be useful if the clip/video is in some shit format that cannot be cut or makes handbrake crash. If the video is meant to be part of an editing project then just pick mp4 and put the bitrate at 20,000, little to no quality will be lost, compression will be fast and the file will be huge. But it works.

Handbrake can also burn in subtitles such as .ass, I will return to those.

2. MKVToolNix, it looks like this. It does a lot of what AVIDemux does plus some other things, so it has some uses even though the interface isn't the friendliest.

Muxing/demuxing is easy, splitting both the video file into a pure video file and a pure audio file. Or muxing in more audio tracks or making subtitles part of the container instead of separate files.
It can add chapter markers as well, useful for those that wants all their One Piece episodes into in a gigantic file. MKVToolNix is a bit fickle though, it has a touch of the *ixsm.

For subbing or adding text or simple graphics there's a program called AegisSub, created for weebs by weebs to translate anime, and it is actually really good. It is a basic text editor, text can otherwise be a pain in the ass in video editor, with lots of options for styles, easy to time code things and so on. I've met people that use it a lot without knowing it is a program to subtitle anime, it's pretty remarkable.

With those programs and a couple of minutes of spare time you can easily start cranking out total garbage and spam imgur with it.



Just use blender retarb 😳😳😳😳😳😳
The new version even doesn't rely on vaguely documented keyboard shortcuts that much anymore and has a better UI overall.
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Private Internet Access has really been suffering from congested servers recently. Tell me some good VPNs that aren't fucking Nord that actually let you subscribe monthly without paying $15+ a month.

I'd love to try Nord if they didn't make you buy 3+ years of service to get the good deal with money I don't have.


If you know enough to know what single homing is, why are you not just setting up your own $5/mo VPNs on DigitalOcean/HostKey/whatever and using OpenVPN?


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If you know enough to know what single homing is, why are you not just setting up your own $5/mo VPNs on DigitalOcean/HostKey/whatever and using OpenVPN?
Bandwidth limits on DigitalOcean. I'd really prefer a US based server for latency reasons and you're going to be up a creek for affordable unlimited bandwidth in the US.

Europe's the way to go, but the ping on my connection is going to be a disaster doing that way.


Well, that's all, folks

I see their top recommendation is Mullvad. I've used them before, albeit I had a lot of issues with my closest server considering it was a single homed Cogent provider it seems. Might try it again.
I have used Mullvad in the past. And I have also used Airvpn, through work but they have changed to a different one that is shit. Both Mullvad and Airvpn are OK. Both have easy to use apps. If you get adventurous you can play round with the settings. The Mullvad app permits a kind of basic multihop now. If you want to pay a bit more, you can go for perfect privacy which has multihop, but I'm not sure how important that is.
The main thing is that cool folks don't do bad (illegal) shit.
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If this had already been posted, then mark me late and I'll delete this, but I don't have time to go through 29 pages of shit.

Youtube Vanced. It's an excellent Android YouTube app with adblock and background/screen off play built into it. Does not requite root, extremely easy to install.

The only issue I've come across is that it seems like you can't superchat from this app (but who fucking cares about that shit), and I haven't look all that hard, but I don't think there's an IOS compatible version.

Really great app, I can't recommend it enough.

Also Startmail for an e-mail client/provider. You get up to 10 e-mail aliases and optional key phrase encryption. They've been testing out a beta version of their service that is mobile friendly and it seems to work pretty well
It's not free (I think it's like $60.00/year, but I'd rather pay for email that is secure than get a free one that some dickhead company is using to sell every bit of marketable information about me.
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After being bitten in the ass by Lavabit I'd never recommend leaving Gmail / Hotmail / iCloud for any email that isn't a throwaway.
Yeah, but you're allowed 10 custom email aliases plus an unlimited number of temporary aliases.

Also lol @ hotmail. People actually still use that?
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The main thing is that cool folks don't do bad (illegal) shit.
That's what worries folk because what is bad and/or illegal keeps changing and we know how almost everything that isn't praise will fall under the "hate and harassment" umbrella.

In the UK a man got a visit from the police for retweeting a limerick(it was a poem actually).
What had he done to draw the attention of the police? There is no suggestion that Miller has done anything illegal. Yet he says he still had that 34 minute conversation with a police officer who warned him about his behaviour and spoke repeatedly about a ‘victim’ of Miller’s conduct.
It got recorded as a hate incident.

People aren't happy about it but who listens to them?
trans limerick.jpg

If a VPN makes it so that they know they can't find the people joking about trannies they might eventually have to do some actual police work.

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Do you guys hate YouTube videos with sponsors in them like "THIS VIDEO IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY RAID SHADOW RELM"

There's an addon on chrome and firefox called Sponsorblock that skips those.

The program doesn't automatically know that there's a sponsor, it's all crowdsourced. One person clicks on a button on the addon saying where the sponsorship begins and ends;
It's great tbh

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