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Mar 5, 2019
Hi. I wanted to open a thread and talk with you about a youtuber you probably know.
Especially to hear your opinions about him,tbh (even if the thread stays dormant until the inevitable day when something retarded happens).

He is called "Juan Ortiz", in art "SomeCallMeJohnny".
He makes videogames reviews in a somewhat chill way, in his main channel, as seen in one of his latest review:

Although he used to be a bit more aggressive\over the top with his reviews, here are a few "historical" ones, but that was when he still was looking for his style, which now is that one you saw in the earlier review.

and this one is when SomeCallMeJohnny still wasn't a thing and SuperGamingBros (SGB) was still his main channel, before being rebranded.
His reviews before these ones were a in a style relly, really close to the likes of AVGN, as it was the era of AVGN/Nostalgia Critics clone, as he admitted.

He generally looks like a good guy, although he does sperg a bit about his view of the world on his other channel, The Super Gaming Bros, it was especially common in the playthrough of Super mario 3D world, when he would occasionally try to make fun of repubblicans during dead times.

I would like to know your opinion.
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Jun 30, 2019
Honestly I don't think he's a lolcow/worth a thought at all, I used to watch him and nowadays it just seems like he goes with the flow of the audience, sort of like most Vinesauce streamers.
'Cause you know, if you want YouTube bucks these days you either have to be annoyingly supportive of everything or build up a grumpy persona.


23 y.o. designer from San Francisco
Mar 5, 2019
Now if he starts inserting it into his regular reviews that'd be a different story.
Eh, I hope that he keeps that too.
I liked his gameplays because they were pretty chill and fun, but now every now and then you'll hear something along the lines of "orange man bad"
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Agent Wet

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May 9, 2018
Now that you mention it he did apologize in his XD review about a potential "trans" joke he made years prior.
It was in his let's go pikachu/eevee review is where he said that.

Anyways I haven't watch the LPs in a while and sort of gald still I don't now after seeing this. But I always enjoy watching his reviews.

Smug Chuckler

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Dec 30, 2018
He's another sonic loving autist but not lolcow worthy (yet), here is another channel he has participated in since LPs were starting to become a thing.



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Apr 25, 2019
Eh I’ve heard he’s said some stupid stuff on twitter but I usustay far away from that place (I’m of the mindset that Twitter one of the worst things invented by man). He seems like a pretty chill guy overall (hopefully he won’t pull a Quinton)


23 y.o. designer from San Francisco
Mar 5, 2019
Time stamped the apology for those curious

Imagine having to apologize for a single joke you made so many years ago that probably nobody remembers nor care about.

also sure apologizing for a trans joke can be dumb but likely to avoid big backlashes.
Yes, he most probably did that because of it.
"So you said something some years ago that now we find offensive? ask for our forgiveness!"

Pretty much the whole LGBT\SJW community in general, hell they're annoying. they're killing everything they can, the gaming industry is ruined, the movie industry is damaged beyond repair, the music industry is... hell, does it exists anymore? You can't say or do anything without having these ones crying for a protest, because they're bored out of their mind since they have no life, and because they actively do everything to prevent them to be happy, then nobody should as well.
I wish people would've silenced them back when they started being annoying instead of falsely agreeing.

Sorry for sperging, back on topic: your opinions on his charity events?
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Nov 17, 2016
While this is all very sad, I'll give Juan the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he believes all of this. Maybe he's bending the knee so some ResetEra busybody doesn't ruin his future career prospects. YouTube's rules are also beyond convoluted now. It's like YT makes life impossible for content creators so it can rebrand as a competing paid streaming service, "working itself out naturally," to quote Office Space. So you'd best apologize if you want to keep that video money rolling in...while you're still allowed to exist on this platform at all.

As others have said, he (mostly) keeps it out of his videos. He could do better and stay radio silent like James Rolfe does, but whatever. Until he pauses in the middle of a review to say, "but seriously folks, ya'll need to lay off Desmond and let him stay fierce," he's fine.

Actually, there's one thing that bugs me about him: he talks way too fast and stumbles over words when he's reading scripts. It's noticeable but I can relate, having dabbled in content creation. After 20 takes it's fucking infuriating and you're ready to get those words recorded already.

Cod of War
Feb 25, 2018
Gonna treat this like the Yahtzee thread until something substantial happens. He uploaded the first half of his Pokemon Gen V VS. videos, enjoyable as usual. As for wokeness, he talked about Gen V finally put Black trainers in Pokemon, 3:55 in the video.



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Mar 26, 2019
The info in the thread's interesting, but I'd argue this would've been better posting into one of the YouTube threads in multimedia. Could he warrant a thread eventually? Maybe, but as of right now all he has is some anti-SJW leanings, and even then he doesn't seem to have done it much. This reminds me of the first ten pages of the Sargon thread, or the Game Theory threads where it's basically just spergs that had hate boners for them and lots of "Is he or isn't he a lolcow?" Personally I think if you have to ask "Do you think he's a lolcow/thread worthy?" that should be a red flag, because the interesting threads are those that you can just read the OP and go "Holy shit he's a character." When you have to ask that tends to mean that they don't have a lot to them, which generally means that there will be little discussion on him.


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Feb 4, 2018
Dunno, I have no problem liking youtubers that I disagree with politically.

I really don't see much to warrant a thread as his politics and videos are pretty separate. He doesn't even do occasional political jokes.

Not much entertainment value from laughing at his opinions either. May as well put them in the TDS thread/


Aug 31, 2016
I'll admit, that apology he gave in his Let's Go review for a supposed trans joke he made a long-ass time ago baffled me the first time I heard it. I remember almost saying out loud, "What in the fuck did he do that for?" And apparently I wasn't the only one who thought the same way--after I finished watching it I stopped by the comments section and saw a bunch of people, including those claiming to be trans themselves, tell him it wasn't necessary for him to do. Hell, it wasn't even a joke about trans people; I guess in today's political climate there might be a handful of crazies who'll perceive it as such because of the whole pronouns thing, but in that context it was clearly all about pointing out Bugsy's androgyny, which has little if anything to do with wanting to become a chick (as we've seen time and time again, most trannies pass like utter shit). If anything it was more of a joke about Japan's fetish for bishie characters and their apparent need for dudes to look as effeminate as possible. I dunno. If he really felt the need to address a stupid joke he made over six years ago, he should have just put out a quick tweet or something instead of cramming it into his actual content. But maybe that's just what I would have done if I were in his shoes.

But aside from that...yeah, I guess you could say Johnny is a libtard, but that's something I've known about him for a long time now. Hasn't stopped me any from watching his shit--call me a sycophant if you want, but that's just what I think. His politics do creep up from time to time in his videos, but never have they really done so in an intrusive manner like in, say, an Extra Credits video. To me it's not so much that he's shoving his political views down his viewers' throats as it is that his beliefs are out in the open and that he has no real reason to hide them at this point. I guess he's more vocal about them on Twitter or wherever else, but it's never a good idea to look at any social media of the people you watch anyway (*cough* *cough* Todd in the Shadows *cough* *cough*). Not to mention, apart from saying the word "re-tard" a few times in some of his earlier material he's never particularly been an "edgy" or otherwise politically incorrect reviewer, so it makes a bit more sense that he goes out of his way to not offend anyone. Outside of that, in the six or so years I've watched him I have never seen Johnny involve himself in dumb high school drama with other e-celebs, nor have I seen him lash out in any way at his audience. For someone who's been doing YouTube for more than a decade and is a Sonic sperg to boot, he has to be doing something right. Even the whole trans thing proved that he's capable of self-reflection, as bizarre as said self-reflection may have been.

To avoid ending this post on a bittersweet note, my favorite videos from Johnny have to be his 50-minute review of Sonic '06 (which isn't as comprehensive as Clement's three-hour behemoth of a review but also isn't nearly as spergy), his Super Mario Sunshine review where he spends the second half of it shit-faced (or at least acts that way), and his video on Sonic racing games which contains his attempt to play Sonic Free Riders while fighting the Kinect's god-awful motion controls.