Someone had a chat with Jan earlier


G5fags this is your mindset.
Feb 3, 2013
23* Jan_Rankowski (~qwebirc@26455806.FEEF3749.DC7B3922.IP23) has joined
18<25Nova9818> Well look who showed up
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> So this is it? This is your entire "cabal"?
18<25Nova9818> did ghazi find us already?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Can't say I'm impressed.
18<29GGLinkin18> Oh shit
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Yes, they did.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> If you have something to say, say it. I'm right here.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Ghazi is watching.
18<27U4IK18> Did you really think you could slander the good name of GG with such a transparent attempt at trolling?
18<24Wheaties_18> oh shit who let him in'
18<25Nova9818> Why
18<29GGLinkin18> Was getting caught part of your plan?
18<24Wheaties_18> dmc was it you
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> It wasn't trolling... it was art. It was a didactic parable.
18<19Rick_Nutrageous18> wait wait what's going on
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I don't expect you to understand.
20<UNATCO>30 dude, you can't stop something like this
18<25Nova9818> You realize that SJW are using you?
18<25Nova9818> You're a white cis male, their stated enemy
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Using me? More like I used you.
20<UNATCO>30 SJW take people like you and use you as their soldiers
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I don't identify as male...
20<UNATCO>30 you are working for the wrong team
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You expect me to believe that the same group that backed Jace Connors as their figurehead is the "right group" to side with?
18<27U4IK18> We're going to expose that baron guy too
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> That's rich.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Baron was a personal friend of mine. You'd know that if you had done any research.
18<27U4IK18> Pretty low to pretend to be GG and to mock a guy like that
18<29GGLinkin18> GG is the correct side
18<24Wheaties_18> dude you have a whole lotta enemies besides just GG now
18<29GGLinkin18> you would know that if you did research ok
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You're minds are still trying to figure it out arent you?
18<24Wheaties_18> Intel is hiring mafia men to get a job done you know
18<24Wheaties_18> Scottrade aint happy either
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Fuck off.
18<25Nova9818> Oh
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> If ANYONE comes to my house, you are all going to jail
18<24Wheaties_18> you are a marked man since you are taking on the big leagues
18<25Nova9818> looks like somebody is scared of big companies
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I got your latest "present" too, real cute. I suppose you want to tell me where you found that? Or would you like to answer the same question in court in 6 months down the road?
18<25Nova9818> afraid that your shill money from the journo cabal will stop if they do?
20<UNATCO>30 all we have to do is arm up our twitter bots to multiply tweets from a large prime number and we have public support
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Leave Patreon out of this
18<29GGLinkin18> Joke's on you, I'm using a VPN
20<UNATCO>30 Thanks to Intel for all those servers to run bots from
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Listen
18<29GGLinkin18> And there's no proof we were behind that
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I came here to ask you something very simple
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Leave Brianna alone.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> That was the ENTIRE POINT OF PARKOURDUDE91.
18<27U4IK18> You mean John?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> To get you to leave that poor woman alone.
18<19Rick_Nutrageous18> dude this is fucking wild now
18<29GGLinkin18> Dude, he's screwed
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> "John"?
20<UNATCO>30 Johnny Flynt has fucked himself into a deep pit with all this
18<29GGLinkin18> what we got in mind will redefine the word "Smear Job"
20<UNATCO>30 he attacked a nonperson
20<UNATCO>30 So we will make him a nonperson too
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> who's "John Flynt"? Sorry, I know her as Brianna... and your transphobia has been noted....
18<29GGLinkin18> You too
18<29GGLinkin18> we don't tolerate betrayal and false flags by shills
20<UNATCO>30 sure thing, Jace Stryker
20<UNATCO>30 is that your dead name now
18<27U4IK18> We're not scared of anybody who is transsexual
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'm just saying, if I can find your "super secret planning IRC" this easily, I don't have a lot of faith in GG.
18<29GGLinkin18> Yeah, nice strawman
20<UNATCO>30 Who says this is the only IRC
18<27U4IK18> Still haven't found the FTP :^)
20<UNATCO>30 there's private and password channels too
18<24Wheaties_18> don't forget the Tox chats
18<27U4IK18> This is just the tip of the iceberg
18<24Wheaties_18> skype is too NSA for all this
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I just wanted to come here to give you a final warning, and a heads up.
18<29GGLinkin18> >Super secret planning IRC
18<19Rick_Nutrageous18> lel nsa
18<29GGLinkin18> we're not your average gamergaters
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> If you don't stop now, I'm going to drop the dox I found on the person responsible for all this. You people want to fight dirty, be my guest.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You know EXACTLY who I'm talking about.
20<UNATCO>30 Our psychosis corpus is far in advance of GG's
20<UNATCO>30 their ethical hangups give us progress in areas they never think of
18<27U4IK18> Oh do tell
18<29GGLinkin18> we're going to take out these shills with precision the likes of which have never been seen on this earth
20<UNATCO>30 ha, fake dox from the fake person
18<29GGLinkin18> Oh and how cute, an aGGro threatening dox
20<UNATCO>30 what's next, we'll get dox for Flynt that show he lives in Utah and has a doll wife
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> It's "shilling" to make art, for something that you believe in? How unenlightened to say that, when the truth is that after all, I am a teacher, not a shill.
18<24Wheaties_18> you are a walking joke, not a teacher
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'm not a fake person. Jace was a fake person... and you rallied behind him.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I AM NOT A JOKE.
18<24Wheaties_18> you teach people to be degenerates
18<27U4IK18> You're a tool of the rich SJWs who are running the media
20<UNATCO>30 GG uber alles
18<27U4IK18> go on /pol/ sometime
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I am an ARTIST!
20<UNATCO>30 ein volk ein reich ein GG
19<Nova98> Please don't do that in chat unatco
18<25Nova9818> we're not nazis like aGGro says
18<19Rick_Nutrageous18> dude calm down and take pills :3
20<UNATCO>30 yeah, we're nationalists
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Let me let you in on a secret. Most brilliant artists were never appreciated in their time...I accept that you will probably not understand. But that's why I'm here, because I know that in time, if I have patienc,e you will understand the errors of your ways.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Eventually you will thank me.
18<24Wheaties_18> if you are any artist you are David Tanny
18<29GGLinkin18> Thank you for destroying an industry?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Until then, continue to try and hurt me with your threats. I am the bigger man here. I can take it.
18<27U4IK18> no
18<24Wheaties_18> unfunny and a living joke
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> DESTROYING an industry?
18<27U4IK18> the work of SJ isnt worth my thanks dude
20<UNATCO>30 AMC's The Walking Joke
18<29GGLinkin18> yes
18<29GGLinkin18> video games
20<UNATCO>30 starring Jan stryker
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> The industry was destroyed by misognyny, not me.
18<29GGLinkin18> press is important, and it cannot belong to corrupt leftists who want to push their twisted "Morality" onto people
18<27U4IK18> Look up Roberta Williams sometime
20<UNATCO>30 the industry was destroyed by modern soviet feminism and dudebros
20<UNATCO>30 you fall into both of those monikers
18<27U4IK18> doesn't fit with the SJ narrative well, does she?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> When an entertainment medium becomes something that is used to de-value and objectify human beings, it becomes dangerous to society... I'm only saying common sense here.
18<29GGLinkin18> Common sense is subjective
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> "Dudebro"? Oh if you knew
18<29GGLinkin18> free speech is objective
18<29GGLinkin18> I know what side to take here
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Then why are you trying to scare me into submission?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> That's rich.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You're nothing but a two-bit web terrorist.
18<24Wheaties_18> keep it up and I will call state reps and tell them to call on Article V
18<25Nova9818> Says the commie SJ trying to dox a guy for doing something perfectly legal
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Keep live-blogging fire. It won't save you.
18<24Wheaties_18> good luck with an agenda when everyone is having a constitutionl convention
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Okay, let me step back...
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> this is going nowhere.
18<27U4IK18> Run SJW
20<UNATCO>30 yeah, our nation needs a new constitution that doesnt let SJWs have power
18<27U4IK18> can't handle the cold hard facts
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Let's go back to page one and I will try to explain this more simply.
20<UNATCO>30 "Amendment I - no leftist factions"
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Let me ask you a simple question: Why do you think women are lesser than men?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Let's examine your beliefs.
18<24Wheaties_18> less physically built
18<24Wheaties_18> more emotionally driven
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I can't even tell if you're being serious anymore.
18<24Wheaties_18> afraid of getting hurt all the time
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> If you're trying to rile me up...
18<29GGLinkin18> You're putting words in the mouths of millions of gamers
20<UNATCO>30 they also use emotion to mindfuck men a lot
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> It's like I'm talking to a child.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Nice evasion tactics though.
18<29GGLinkin18> look into the whole vivian james thing
18<29GGLinkin18> is that the face of a sexist movement?
20<UNATCO>30 they love to fake rapes to get sympathy as a devil
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Words into their mouth? Explain how
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> GamerGate MADE me their figurehead
18<29GGLinkin18> "Why do you think women are lesser than men?" we never said that
20<UNATCO>30 IA was a better figurehead than you
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> The Call of Duty Streamers NOMINATED me as their kingpin
20<UNATCO>30 at least IA had the balls to quit without raging
18<29GGLinkin18> literally the only people who do are shills gawker hired to cover their asses
18<29GGLinkin18> and useful idiots
20<UNATCO>30 you are just imploding to KoP levels
18<25Nova9818> >Attacking CoD
18<25Nova9818> nobody cares about cod
18<25Nova9818> thats like what somebody outside of true gaming culture would say
18<19Rick_Nutrageous18> dude i am too high for chat now man
18<25Nova9818> do you even play videogames?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Wings of Redemption signed that contract, and he comitted himself. So did OpticJ.
18<19Rick_Nutrageous18> my sides arent here now
18<24Wheaties_18> >getting high
18<24Wheaties_18> degenerate
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> "nobody cares about cod"... Apparently you do.
20<UNATCO>30 wow, whatta degenerate
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Seeing as your streamers took it so personally.
20<UNATCO>30 Battlefield is better
18<27U4IK18> guys
18<27U4IK18> don't fall for it
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Those people you look up to, your idols are just a bunch of bulllies. Your role models are monsters.
18<27U4IK18> look how he's changing the subject
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> When will you realise this?
18<27U4IK18> this is a well known SJW tactic
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'm not changing the topic, I'm shifting the narrative.
18<29GGLinkin18> "Gamers are monsters"
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> It's called TEACHING.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'm doing my part to educate people.
18<29GGLinkin18> we didn't fall for that when the articles came out
18<25Nova9818> but leftists hate education
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> "Fall for it"? You chose to deny it.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Look, all I am trying to do is just make gaming a safe space for people.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'm not even a big-name person by a long shot. I'm just an artist.
20<UNATCO>30 replace Hogan for Cena and this is how bad your persona makes GG feel
20<UNATCO>30 think about that Jan
18<29GGLinkin18> Several people coming out to say that MY subculture is dead, all in the space of a few hours
18<29GGLinkin18> not fishy at all
20<UNATCO>30 you make real americans feel that bad
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Pro tip: the 9/11 jokes weren't funny when people did them on Fact Zone, they're not funny now.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> People died.
18<24Wheaties_18> but you did the 9/11 jokes too, remember
18<29GGLinkin18> Oh
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> But I guess it's OK if it's for "irreverent humor" right? keep telling yourself that.
18<24Wheaties_18> you led all of them on you puppet
18<29GGLinkin18> so it's okay to literally 9/11 a culture when you're offended
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I lead them all on to expose what they really were.
18<29GGLinkin18> but then when people do it because they're offended, it's bad?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I let their true nature show.
20<UNATCO>30 and we led you on to expose who you really were
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I held up a mirror to them.
20<UNATCO>30 Same thing, Janny boy
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> NO.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> NO, you didn't.
20<UNATCO>30 Nice job using the same Steam for everything
20<UNATCO>30 "[USMC] BOWL CUTS" or something
18<27U4IK18> Nobody fools GG for long
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Whose fault was it that you took two years then???
20<UNATCO>30 Some of us held back on info actually
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Listen, let's be real here: I won this intellectually, from the beginning.
20<UNATCO>30 we just wanted to laugh at the ruse, didn't know you were such a SJW beta
18<29GGLinkin18> The shills who shut down discussion about the authenticity of "Jace Connors"
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> That much is clear.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Do NOT even ATTEMPT to make it sound like you "LEAD ME ON".
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> "Laugh at the ruse"? The thing you were laughing at, was YOURSELF.
20<UNATCO>30 Remember all those early /k/ommandos
18<29GGLinkin18> It's no coincidence that transsexual SJWs were the downfall of /cow/, and /cwc/
20<UNATCO>30 we tipped a lot off around 4 AM each day
20<UNATCO>30 so we had plenty on our side to draw others in
20<UNATCO>30 We fueled your ruse and this is the thanks we get
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> The thanks?
20<UNATCO>30 our ruseman is a SJW beta who bends over for Johnny Flynt and his parents money
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I should THANK you for encouraging a monster?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Please.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Jace Connors was THE DEVIL INCARNATE.
18<29GGLinkin18> GG is no monster
20<UNATCO>30 I'm starting to think you are a woman
20<UNATCO>30 you sure get emotional like one
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> He was everything wrong with white male gamer culture.
18<29GGLinkin18> we're fighting for truth and facts in a world awash with social justice attacks on free thought and speech
18<29GGLinkin18> we are john galt
19<Wheaties_> Unatco calm down we're getting off the main focus
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Is that "policing" at work?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You "police" yourselves, right?
20<UNATCO>30 We don't police each other for being white and male all the time
18<29GGLinkin18> We make sure that our line of truth remains unpolluted
20<UNATCO>30 we police people that repress by racial standards
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Never mind that the moderator of tumblr in action reddit is also an admin of a BDSM subreddit...
18<29GGLinkin18> something that the SJWs envy
20<UNATCO>30 we hold up the spirit of MLK
20<UNATCO>30 No sexism, no racism
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> BDSM, Porn devoted to degrading and shaming women - wow, big surprise. Yet you still try and hide your true colors.
20<UNATCO>30 meanwhile look at what SJWs do
18<25Nova9818> It's not just women
18<25Nova9818> nice cherrypicking
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Not cherrypicking.
20<UNATCO>30 they glorify anyone who isn't white or asian
20<UNATCO>30 yeah, they're racist against asians too
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'll find a link to his account, to prove it.
20<UNATCO>30 not like asians had enough with the California camps in WWII or the nukes, no
18<25Nova9818> Does this look like a woman to you?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Explain this.
20<UNATCO>30 yeah let's kick them out of high paying jobs because we're not 'diverse' enough
18<25Nova9818> although I'm sure that you wouldn't know since you call Mr John Wu a woman
18<24Wheaties_18> yeah I'm actually asian dude
18<24Wheaties_18> that stuff SJWs do to keep us out of work is racism
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> No, this isn't just BDSM. "Broken Feminazis" is a sick and twisted sexual roleplay site where people act out and embrace, and tell stories about, degrading and hurting brave women like Brianna and Anita.
18<29GGLinkin18> See?
18<29GGLinkin18> GG is diverse
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> "Diverse"... yeah right. No evidence.
18<29GGLinkin18> more than the white SJWs trying to speak for every minority
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> So, explain to me, why does your moderator get off to this?
18<24Wheaties_18> I cant even talk to you because all you do is hate yourself for your skin color
18<24Wheaties_18> that is racism dude
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Can ANYONE give me an answer?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Will ANYONE take responsibility for this?
18<25Nova9818> are we expected to answer for his actions?
18<24Wheaties_18> equality is equal not hating yourself or others and holding up another tone to the light
18<25Nova9818> we don't all blindly support anybody spouting the GG line
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I give you ONE more example of your culture, aside from Jace, and you're speechless.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You are expected to answer for the actions of a person you put in power yourself, yes. Big surprise.
18<25Nova9818> Which you misjudged by threatening people in the name of gg
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Remember: Jace was a GamerGate FIGUREHEAD.
18<27U4IK18> Typical SJW
20<UNATCO>30 He was a joke figurehead
20<UNATCO>30 Real ones like IA were our idols
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> "Joke"? No he was not.
18<27U4IK18> Using one example against literal millions
18<27U4IK18> of gamers
20<UNATCO>30 Jace was our running gag
20<UNATCO>30 He was our go-to joke image
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Sure, now it's easy to claim that.
20<UNATCO>30 Internet Aristcrat was our main man
20<UNATCO>30 best part is: he's real
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> But how many of you posted on the Deagle Nation forums, embracing Jace's hate speech?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> How many of you sent harassing tweets to Brianna, just as Jace told you to?
18<24Wheaties_18> I never posted because you banned 90 percent of people that registered
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> How many of you cheered him on, even if you thought he was "funny"?
18<27U4IK18> Can't prove it :^):^)^:^):^)O^:
18<24Wheaties_18> I was banned before I even signed up
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> All of you.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> All of you did exactly what I wanted.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Because I am your intellectual superior.
18<27U4IK18> the cheerers for "Jace" were mist likely your shills
20<UNATCO>30 Even on your forums you were a SJW
18<29GGLinkin18> Hefty claims for a SJW
20<UNATCO>30 banning people for dissent, no fair opinions
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I was just doing exactly what you did.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You ban anyone who questions your rhetoric.
20<UNATCO>30 we don't ban, man
20<UNATCO>30 We correct with logic
18<29GGLinkin18> Are you banned?
18<29GGLinkin18> and you're certainly not agreeing with us
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Mailing a blood stained knife to my house, with my mom's name written on it in sharpie. That was "logic"?
18<24Wheaties_18> yeah sure looks like you are banned right now
18<29GGLinkin18> Prove it
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> She couldn't sleep.
18<29GGLinkin18> prove it was us
20<UNATCO>30 Post pics
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> We had to sleep in a hotel.
18<29GGLinkin18> from all those threats I'm sure
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> We were afraid you were outside my house.
18<29GGLinkin18> just like poor flynt
20<UNATCO>30 funny how the other knife people had pictures to give out
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Ready to strike.
20<UNATCO>30 and now all you have is hearsay
20<UNATCO>30 I bet if you take pics right now you are just in your house with the cam at another angle
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'll get a pic right before I hand it over to the police. Wonder whose finger prints will show up?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You'll find out tomorrow.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I'm done here.
20<UNATCO>30 Goodnight joke
20<UNATCO>30 was a laugh
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You'll understand eventually, why I did what I did.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> You will respect me for it.
18<24Wheaties_18> yeah goodnight racist
18<29GGLinkin18> For money?
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> Until then, I pity you.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I AM NOT A RACIST.
18<27Jan_Rankowski18> I AM NOT A FUCKING RACIST.
24* Jan_Rankowski has quit (Quit: Page closed)
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Dec 28, 2014
mirrorman is actually funny. these guys just want to do damage to jan.

How many of these people in the chat are taking this shit seriously?

Are they literally retarded? As in Chris-Chan level?


So long, and thanks for all the sekclintons
Jul 31, 2014
Jan is basically flawless
Tahaa the Chadministrator is jealous @Glaive


Only the rarest and smuggest of Goodmans
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Dec 28, 2014
hm? enig and ivan knew it was fake at least.

They would, I suppose. Thanks. My eyes (and apparently brain) glazed over while trying to read this.