Someone Paid $9000 to Get Breastfed by a Virtual Anime YouTuber - Has science gone too far?

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Would you mortgage your house for this?

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Virtual anime-styled YouTubers have become increasingly popular, mostly notably Kizuna Ai, and many others with their own unique shtick. A certain virtual anime YouTuber, Note Takehana – known to her fans as “Note Mama,” is running a crowdfunding campaign to create a more realistic 3D model for her videos. One of the reward tiers is – even for me, quite ridiculous.

The crowdfunding campaign has the usual reward tiers like a thank you letter, a keychain, your name in the credits of future videos – however the highest tier, which comes in at 1 million yen (roughly $8962 USD), will get you the very exclusive opportunity to get breastfed by the motherly anime virtual YouTuber herself.

Now before you dear, dear weeb readers of ours go running to sign up for a loan, someone in Japan has already snagged the single spot to get breastfed by Note Mama.

Reportedly, the breastfeeding will happen in a public event, with virtual reality (to properly simulate getting breastfed by an anime mom), while being surrounded by other fans. They’ll drink real breast milk, too. This is reportedly fed to the user with a “Virtual Baby Bottle”.

The event is set to go down in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward, and there is the option to shamefully get breastfed by the virtual anime mom at home, but there’s no guarantee they’ll be able to facilitate the user preferring to get breastfed in privacy.

The funding from this crowdfunding campaign is supposed to be used for development costs on converting Note Mama to a full 3D virtual YouTuber. Note Mama currently has over 33,000 subscribers, and mostly does livestreamed content.

Even stranger – Note Takehana is actually a man, the illustrator behind other well known characters like Shizuka Rin and Ienaga Mugi. He uses a pitch changer most of the time to sound like a girl, however sometimes he turns it off to throw fans off.

And I thought Gatebox was the height of japanese virtual depravity. Jesus H. Christ if I were rich I'd buy out that entire tier and duck out at the last minute just to deny anyone and everyone the chance to bring this shameful act to life.