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Mary Lee Walsh
okay i am new to deagle nation im starting to get into it because i usually am a Christorian but there's such a lack of updates that i get bored with what i already know.

So here's my question for yall. Hasn't it been revealed that Jace Conners is just an [REDACTED]? he's not really a lolcow?

I'm just trying to understand. I'm pretty sure this will get locked but i have no ill intent I deeply apologize in advance for not being caught up to speed. I really want to get into observing Jace, Tyce, and Eli, but I gotta know that they are genuine lolcows

So are they [REDACTED]? if they are [REDACTED], why do yall still keep up with them? maybe even as an [REDACTED], he still is an ass pie?

Also what's the whole "press 1 and 2" mean?
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TL;DR: the evidence of Jace being an "actor" is tenuous at best and was greatly exaggerated. Basically the guy they linked him to (Jan Rankowski) was some sort of SJW autist who got thrown off public property several times (google "playground case") for physically assaulting children. There's also chatlogs of him chimping at people claiming they didn't "get it" and comparing himself to Socrates. Even if Jan is actually Jace (which there's very little hard evidence) then he wasn't really acting, he was just adopting an alias and behaving exactly the same. It's unlikely Jan could have truly created such a nuanced "act" because autistic people are very poor at picking up on subtle social cues, they tend to interpret things literally, "miss the point" and often come to very strange conclusions based on this.

The PKD91 saga is sort of like peeling back layers of an autistic onion and it never really seems to end.
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