Twitter Someone's impersonating me on twitter and being pretty funny about it -


I legitimately don't know who this is (notice they never posted any timestamped pics and weren't linked on any official WDG media) but I literally just found this from a friend who told me "hey i've been following your twitter" to which I replied, "what Twitter?"

Somebody's impersonating January Rankowski/THE WRITER/me and doing a half-decent job at it, even going so far as to post links to my sites, and make fake announcements for upcoming projects that don't exist like "#parkourdudemovie2016" or "MDE2016". I'm not sure whether to feel flattered or confused or insulted, probably all at once because now I don't even have to do anything, they're doing all my work for me. Do we know who this is? Who do we have to thank for such a work of art?

FYI legitimately not trolling here, genuinely curious as to who this is or why it exists. It's fun either way.


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Dunno if Twitter has the same email loopholes as Facebook, if it does you can bruteforce into the account and look for any logged locations or the email used. Otherwise spam him with maymay tweets until he starts maymaying back and confirming if he's /v/ or /pol/.

Or just DM him "big floppy dongs" five times a day. Flopdongs is fun.


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I dunno who it is either, but it can only be a good thing.


Whoever it is is doing a really convincing job. The #innocent hashtag with pictures of convicted women is hilarious.
You could try contacting the user and see if he'll let you take over.


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Ah. It's a fake. I was pretty confused as to why January started following me since I was more of a Jace person.
Now I'm not sure if I'm less confused or more confused.

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