Infected Something Awful and Friends - The rollercoaster trainwreck embarassing downfall of a Web 1.0 giant.

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Frank N Berry

According to AV Club Lowtax was going to shut down his only source of income, but the donations of goons were able to save the site.


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According to AV Club Lowtax was going to shut down his only source of income, but the donations of goons were able to save the site.
That article is horrible. He praises the moderation of SA??? Has he visted it in the last decade? The Moderation at SA is why it’s at death’s door. He also states it keeps out the right wing trash, because there’s nothing like a left-wing echo chamber to bring the comedy. The fear these guys have of differing opinions is amazing.

I know when I joined SA in 2004 my main concern was finding a safe space that didn’t allow non-PC opinions or thoughts!


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According to AV Club Lowtax was going to shut down his only source of income, but the donations of goons were able to save the site.
Yes the entirely solvant, paying for itself SA was in danger of being shut down if a (literal) spineless jobshy footfetishist wasn't given $60,000. That was definitely going to happen. lol.
He sure was a winner in the Climate Change thread, had well over 200 posts there until he got banned from it.

As for what he was posting:

View attachment 700080
View attachment 700078
View attachment 700077
View attachment 700075

Just look at this cow's posts in the climate change thread while the paywall's down. It's some hilarious shit.
Wow, that's a unique take on climate change. He's worried both about huge flooding, and an ice age? Most people at least pick one.


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Can't upset the special snowflakes by possibly exposing them to something negative.
The moderation there has always been laughable at best and outright exceptional at worst

I went and looked in canpol and he had a different wall of autism posted there.

View attachment 699693

In both cases, the mods went in and spoilered the text for god knows what reason.

I have not been there for ages but I remember around the time I left starting to question my own political stance. At the time I was confused and considered myself to be an amlibdem but I couldnt fathom treating people they way they did for having differing opinions. Now I just understand that this was that neo-lib-destroy-murrica movement picking up and i wasnt just the odd man out by feeling offput by this.

On a lulz side note: I actually knew one of the mods irl (i cant remember his online handle because lol over a decade ago and he was into that ghey lycanthropy bullshit which included his name) but I remember him being obsessed with what he refered to as a "civil war between normie goons and otherkin goons"


Can't believe they permaed chairmaster, the best poster on SA. He reminds me of tobleronetriangular.

I firmly believe you can't have a good internet community without a heaping helping of abnormal psych, and if you ban people for being abnormal in unapproved ways then there's no one to fuck with the people being abnormal in approved ways and then you end up with the troon megathread
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