Infected Something Awful and Friends - The rollercoaster trainwreck embarassing downfall of a Web 1.0 giant.


Yeah, Hellbanning was abandoned because it cooked the database. There was another outage caused by one user having so many others on ignore that it broke the SQL tables and the database couldn't work out what posts to serve to who and crashed. That was probably the most SA thing that has ever happened.

But I'm sure that migrating SA's codebase to Xenforo will be easy peasy.

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Lowtax did it, it’s why Voidburger and TieTuesday supposedly left the forums.
Lowtax perm'd VoidBurger for accusing him of being a child abuser because he had his daughter make fun of Shmorky in a Youtube video. A bunch of her orbiters self-banned in solidarity and fucked off to an offshoot of the LP subforum called the LP Zone which never got off the ground because nobody with talent used it besides ChipCheezum (her boyfriend).


RIP Fishmech. Apparently he ran a server full of goon porn at some point. Though why anyone would want to see goons naked is beyond me.
Once a SASS poster always a SASS poster. Tranny was doxxing till the end :'(
Jk. Was an insufferable faggot at all times but just so happened to have done something funny.

Ps. What are they gonna do with their life NOW? They practically breathed that site.
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I'm not sure if that was intentional or not TBH. I think the whole "goon" thing started because other people called them that early on when they showed up trolling shit if I remember right.
More or less. It came from a "DEAR RICHARD" letter Lowtax got back in the day, when someone was sending empty threats and addressed his userbase as his "goons".
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Fishmech perma'd after being outted on twitter for hosting "goon revenge porn"; its not revenge porn when the BGQs voluntarily post it.
Unless they mean you use it to get revenge by forcing your enemies to look. In which case completely accurate.

Also, tuck your chodes back in your tighty whities you thirsty incels. There's no Moana in so don't waste your time.

Someone proposed an idea I think is very good.

Link me your favorite 10+ year old Something Awful post and I'll feature it somewhere prominent on the site as a token of good will to our friends at Something Awful.
Engage the purity spiral.

Forum post or Front Page?
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