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The Real Taylor Swift

Nazi Princess of BMW
CSPAM is handling their Discord fuck-up as ironically as possible and it's driving posters into insanity

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Since everyone's F5-ing this thread furiously and not going back to read older shit, they think this decision is based 100% on screenshots I made earlier tonight, SO CLICK THIS LINK AND PEEP THE LOGS IN TAY'S ATTACHMENTS, here's something for Pick

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Just wait until I leak round 2 of their Discord

Sissy Galvez
Guess who's trying to become a dad troon mom?

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He’s been talking about this for along time. They are the last two people who should have children as he’s A severely mentally unstable tranny. Glad at least the first try failed, hope they can’t succeed for the rest.

Damn those “cis” people and their “biology”!! Imagine thinking you should have free IVF because you decided to go crazy and cut your dick off.

He’s also going in for corrective surgery too, his dick mutilation didn’t go so well.

Blimp Maintainer
As expected, since people are namedropping KF, they can't deny they're faked anymore, so Wampa and Nichael are going out on a "well we would totally virtuously out NAZIS but we're not being made mods so what's the big deal jeez!"


Dat last reply, mods have absolutely had it, the Discord cru has gone absolutely silent posting-wise, and D&D regulars are actually able to talk about how much CSPAM sucks without intrusion. Even without Tay's next album, they're finally starting to get the hint

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what the fuck is this shit

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The logical conclusion of this witch hunt bullshit, where you're either pressured into this kind of weak-ass nonsense or you try to get ahead of the inevitable callouts from people doing the equivalent of a Ctrl+F "tranny" across the entire forums. Between people melting down about not being able to elect their own mods and talking about a fucking comedy forum in terms like "this is unacceptable!!!", and all of the spineless pandering in the language of the admin team, it really has been a wild ride

edit: like, the cancer has already metastasized to the "anyone could be a KF spy!! it could be YOU!!" paranoia culture that these exceptional individuals inexorably gravitate toward. I'd put the over/under on SA closing for good at 6.5 months and confidently take the "under"

Eddie Bravo

Look into it.
I believe he means JJ Cool J/Jason the gay tiger fersona dude. He always DMCA's it whenever it hits Youtube, so here's "Jason's Weekend", the video that turned him into the laughingstock of SA before the furshit. Jason is Cool Productions was supposed to be his springboard into Web 1.0 stardom

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Now that's a name I haven't heard in almost two decades. He was the catalyst that prompted Lowtax to create Furry Concentration Camp for furry faggots like him.

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