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Oct 2, 2016
@Null decided this deserved its own thread, so without further ado...

Beyond the mystical paywall lies a subforum from which no autism can escape. Within the heart of 'BYOB' you will find the Cool Crew Chat Central, home to some of the looniest troons you will ever see. Welcome to the Something Awful Trans Megathread.

As of this post, @Lowtax recently decreed that 'tranny' is not automatically punishable, and as you might expect, they aren't too happy about having their safe space encroached upon.

trigger warning: their forum's color scheme might give you eyeball cancer.

yea it's lowtax people are gonna laugh at lmao


Oh fuck. Sound the alarms, THERE'S A THOUGHT CRIME IN PROGRESS

step 1: stop arbitrarily punishing people for saying 'trannies'
step 2: become nazi germany



the comedy website defense is not good because not a lot of jokes are being made, so we need to punish people for making those jokes(???)

oh dear, I do not think this is going to go over well, iron rose...

uh oh

iron rose run while you can




it's so ironic, don't you see? she preaches about not taking something awful seriously and posts on a website that... actually this point makes no fucking sense


how the fuck can anyone lack this much self-awareness is beyond me

oh this is comedy alright

like kiwi farms, for instance!

seriously though we need to get iron rose to register here



yeah iron rose, haven't you learned from gay people? they tried showing other people they weren't insane and next thing you know, those fuckers allowed them to legally marry.

There's so much more of this, but I think you get the idea!

A.K.A. LupusRufus A.K.A. Sylvie Wolf
Twitter + photos
Lupus Rufus AKA Sylvie Wolf is one of the more annoying TMT posters who isn't all that active as of 2016 or so. He's known to be an autist who lives with his grandma and grandpa and complains about pretty much everything despite having two people willing to put up with his pasty, powdery, worthless arse and if I recall correctly he's getting a degree that will look good on the resume he'll be using to apply for Target with. He pushes 'beardfemme' hard because he's pretty much Jake Alley but with slightly more effort put into appearance, and thinks he should get a 'basic income' for doing nothing by virtue of having self-diagnosed PTSD and other things he will argue with anyone about.

As you can see, he's basically spinning the roulette wheel of low-effort professions he can try to dip his toes in to see if he can get money for any of this shit and it's not working because he doesn't have the skills necessary to actually monetize anything he's trying out to avoid work. His twitter follow list is basically a who's who of rat king trannies because (surprise surprise) he's been moving away from the TMT rat king to try to snuggle up with one of the bigger twitter rat kings that generally sustains itself with a patreon ponzi scheme that he's too criminally stupid to realize is a dead-end for anyone trying to get in right now.

He's also one of the very obvious cases of autogynephilia. In the post quoted above he mentions putting on dresses and jerking off in the mirror being a point of 'realization', but unfortunately that realization was apparently not that he is a sad, whispy haired incel who can't fucking apply makeup. This is probably the most attention anyone's ever given him.

(Write-up by @X68000)
[No photograph]
A bitter, virulent poster on par with Kaleidoscopic Gaze/Lock Stock and Cheryl, but with less 'progress' in nebulous troon community terms. This one's constantly down-talking others about how impoverished he is, lives in North Carolina (iirc) and made a big stink about the bathroom bill because he's a fucking troon, of course he did. He's one of those Die Cis Scum types who feels that transwomen are actually superior to cis women and is very aggressive about it, much like Sylvie Wolf and her 'beardfemme' aesthetic. He's a low income poor you guys, in case you didn't read that the first six thousand times.

Generally he'll be in agreement with anyone who says cis people are the devil because he's got some skeletons that he doesn't bring up, for good reasons.

(Write-up by @X68000)
His head (
The whispy-haired user from the photograph I posted earlier (source: his own post in the TMT). He's a formerly married man who had two kids with a woman and then his psychotherapist and the TMT talked him into believing he has gender dysphoria. He was into sissification and his wife wasn't having it, so he basically went to deeper and deeper depths to try to get her to accept him and wound up alienating her entirely and agreeing on a divorce. He claims he's going to share custody of the kids so that they can grow up with two parents, but they'll have to deal with their dad becoming the stereotypical histrionic LMO-type late transitioner.

He, like Jiffypop45, have effectively had their lives partially fucked by the TMT's insistence that all dysphoria is valid and that the best solution is FULL TROONOUT, NOW. He doesn't post often, but when he does it's usually about the abysmal personal situation he'd created for himself or complaining about how his wife wasn't into his fetish. Perhaps if he'd found a sugar-mommy who was into that kinda thing, he wouldn't be a divorced wreck that got softly bullied into transition by a cult.

(Write-up by @X68000)
A.K.A. mobn A.K.A. Mage of Blackest Night A.K.A. Aleksandra Stapleton
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4

Obese, compulsively lying Penn Jillette/Sasquatch hybrid. Used to be a prominent poster in the MMA threads known for saying mountains of stupid shit, and prior to that, a stereotypical incel on the motherfucking internet. He's known for being one of the more obviously deluded troons w/r/t physical appearance and one of the more notorious bullies of more openly mentally ill posters from the thread that disagreed with him, such as Irrational Bees. He's always posturing and making veiled threats to commit physical violence on his enemies and speaks often about his sexual prowess and the size of his dick.

His reason for trooning out is fairly well-understood. He is a porn addict and a massive homophobe—hates looking at dicks to the point where he got into lesbian porn exclusively almost, save for porn featuring surgically enhanced troons. He's actively spoken about his hatred of gay men (especially for using a certain b-word, which he then went and used a few days later when describing a fictional incident involving him going to the womens' restroom) and claims to be black and native american and thus feels solidarity for his brothas and sistas and faces constant racism in addition to the transphobia. He lives in the northeast, so this is patently fucking false like almost everything else he's ever said about himself.

He works for a healthcare provider maintaining software built on MUMPS and began HRT in April 2016, but he doesn't realize that manboobs aren't the same as 'lady lumps' he claims to have Bs or Cs of and thus don't count.

(Write-up by @X68000)
A.K.A. Kaleidoscopic Gaze
[No photograph]
Probably among the most virulent and openly bitter TMT posters. Anyone who voices any minor disagreement with her sentiment gets the full unholy wrath of this poster, primarily because she's always complaining about something related to being a tranny and it's absolutely okay for her to have preferences but not anyone else. She's variously accused men who like her of being 'Chasers', while lamenting lesbians not wanting to date her after finding out she used to have a penis. You heard correctly, 'used to'.

She got herself a surgically created vagina either in 2015 or 2014, I'm not sure when it was. She was one of the posters who shat on bees the most and one of the ones who pushes FULL TROONOUT, NOW the hardest—she seems to believe that if she screams loudly enough about it, it'll release her from her own torment because people will stop bringing theirs up and taking attention away from HER problems.

Her main thread seems to be whining about romantic troubles, as far as I can tell. No one can give her the romantic satisfaction she desires because she does not appear to know what she actually wants. Probably because of trooning out too hard, because she's been in the community long enough to get stuck in the addiction cycle related to transition (i.e., "if I can just keep progressing in my transition, I will eventually be happy with myself...") After you get the ax wound there's nowhere else to go, so she'll probably burn out and commit suicide if she doesn't make peace with her decisions.

(Write-up by @X68000)
[Story of Jiffypop45]
Jiffypop45 is the troon I mentioned earlier who is continuing to be fucked into a transition he realized he doesn't want. The forums convinced him to go therapist-shopping until he found someone who'd approve HRT, and the results are as you'd expect! Rather than a write-up, I think a post directly from the horse's mouth is the most appropriate:

Jiffypop45 said:
A few weeks ago I posted about how I didn't feel entirely comfortable with my budding after a few more weeks of time to think I've reached a point where I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with several areas of my transition.

In an almost dysphoric sense, I don't feel as though my breasts (that are getting larger) belong, it's to the point that I'm wearing a tight fitting under armour athletic shirt under my daily wear top to prevent them from showing and make me feel a bit flatter.

I'm very much bothered by what's going on down stairs, I feel like everytime I go to masturbate I get very panicked and feel like "maybe this time it won't work" it's really frustrating to masturbate, and I feel like I have to force myself to do it and because of that it's very difficult to get started doing so.

The strange part of this though is that I do greatly enjoy my softening skin, and how it's affecting to my hair growth due to the dropped T. I'm working on voice stuff, and working on making my mannersms as feminine as possible where they aren't already. This has mostly slowing down my speech and using pitch instead of volume for inflection as well as just raising the pitch as much as I can, my "deep voice" is around 80hz so I've got a bit to go.

I've always wished I looked much more feminine, and thought I genuinely wanted to be a woman. However, losing my penis functionality and the lack of excitement over breast growth has me doubting this. So far I haven't really felt an great surge of "OH MY GOD ESTROGEN. YES!!!!!!" that people mention either at about ~45 days on.

I discussed this with my therapist and she has a feeling that I may not be a transwoman, that she could definitely see me as a nonbinary/genderqueer/etc... person just very feminine. That makes me uncomfortable, I've never liked that idea, even if in some ways it might describe how I'm feeling. For now I'm not going to contact my doctor to change my doses as I hope maybe my feelings will resolve in the near future. I am really worried to the point of brief bouts of anxiety and tears at times though, so I do feel as though I need some resolution here.

As far as I know, he's still on HRT.

Emily Fundakowski Feldman / Emiwenis / Marshmallow Mayhem (cis woman)
b.15 June 1986 (30)
Current city: Fullerton, California, United States
Previous address: 1535 Rugby Cir, Thousand Oaks, California, USA 91360 (valued at over 500k USD)
Occupation: geophysicist
AIM: emiwenis
Twitter: @Emiwenis

Flintstone Elementary - Oxon Hill, MD (1997 - 1998)
Oxon Hill Middle School - Fort Washington, MD (1998 - 2000)
Oxon Hill High School - Oxon Hill, MD (2000 - 2002)
Thousand Oaks High School - Thousand Oaks, CA (2002 - 2004)
California State University - Fullerton - Fullerton, CA (2004 - 2008)

Geovision / Staff geophysicist
California State University Fullerton / Paleontology lab assistant

Her dogs:
Family member: Steven Feldman (65), 1535 Rugby Cir, Thousand Oaks, California, USA
Noyemi K/PMD Noyemi/Nathaniel Karlisle

Bonus pic: haha who takes selfies with a tablet


Phone #: (757) 819-5634
Home Address: Norfolk, VA 23509
Birthdate: 10 April, 1993
Occupation: Visual Novel Composer
Sean Quigley / quigsean/ Notorious QIG (trans woman)
b. July 1969
Skype: mathx314
Steam: quiggy_b

Regional Sales Manager at INVISTA
Former Strategic Account Manager at INVISTA
Former Strategic Account Manager at Taylor Corporation
Former Business Development Manager at Newell Brands
Studied at University of Massachusetts Boston

32 Milton High School

Possible Phone number: (617) 323-7511
Most recently known mobile: (401) 323-7511 AT&T Mobility
Most recently known landline: (508) 455-0730 Comcast
Previous numbers: (401) 595-9429 (mobile; Verizon Wireless), (401) 728-2352 (landline; Verizon Communications), (401) 475-3653 (landline; Cox)

Current address: 19 Elgin St # 2, Suffolk, West Roxbury, MA, 02132, United States
Address history: 93 Parker St, Attleboro, MA 02703 (2012 - Now; $150 K; LAST SOLD PRICE - DEC 2012 -$144 K)
Binford St, Lincoln, RI 02865 (2006 - 2016)
47 Old Farm Rd, Milton, MA 02186 (2001 - 2016)
1528 Smithfield Ave, Lincoln, RI 02865 (2001 - 2013)

Flicker: //
Business page:
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Oh Long Johnson

I'm from compression socks. We fight.
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Apr 10, 2016
The Iron Rose and Noyemi have posted on SS forever. The attempts at shock and pearl clutching by the other troons is ridiculous.

Who's the other troon megathread poster who's always suicidal and remorseful over getting the chop? That one drives them all insane whenever they are trying to land a new convert.


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Sep 21, 2014
The Iron Rose and Noyemi have posted on SS forever. The attempts at shock and pearl clutching by the other troons is ridiculous.

Who's the other troon megathread poster who's always suicidal and remorseful over getting the chop? That one drives them all insane whenever they are trying to land a new convert.

Are you thinking of Bees? Bees also posts on SS.

Probably worth reminding people that both Fire and Nephielle/Typhoid Mary are troons who started out on SA.

Also, the troon thread is now in BYOB, but during the cat lady era it was moved from Ask/Tell to e/n along with the feminism thread and became outrageously protected by the mods. Not all that long ago, The Iron Rose would have been banned for those posts.

Aug 8, 2016
Dude, those fags have LeftistMuslimObama on their side, practitioner of Brazilian Ju Jitsu and the sweet science of boxing.

Reading this thread on mobile, and scrolling down through this picture, through the rank oily hair, past the terrified asymmetrical sneer, past the body that is apparently a leather jacket on top of an overstuffed blue sack of potatoes and finally reaching the clown shoes at the bottom, was amazing. The fact that this is troon superstar LeftistMuslimObama just makes it all the better.

It definitely doesn't seem right that SS gets to be the nazi troon doxing forum instead of kiwifarms though, if they can't get this genetic atrocity to kill itself.

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