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The UK version of "Right Where It Belongs" is pretty feelsy. I love Trents style as much as the next guy, but sometimes a more muted approach can make for the definitive way to listen to a NiN song; after all there's a reason Hurt is now recognised by the most iconic cover of the 2000's.
(Props to All that could've been for being equally as depressing (:_()

Got another one for ya:
Aw man, kinda left-field to see a Mark Gormley song here! I do like his work for the most part and its a damn shame his production/audio quality is the only thing between him and making something really special.

Edit: god I need to stop retroactively editing my posts so much, but I forgot to include this song.
Down By The Sea is a great song but in particular I ADORE the final 2 minutes of this thing. It gives me very different feels from the other songs I've posted- its like the buildup to a great big war for eternal glory or some crap, both downbeat and triumphant at the same time. Really great prog!
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From the top YT Comment:
"For a man who knew he was dying with lung cancer to still go out and play shows and put together one last album (the Wind) shows Warren Zevon truly loved music and was a genuine professional."
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I can't listen to Summertime by Pete Seeger without tearing up. It's a very honest little folksy song and the way he sings it so plainly just fills me with emotions I can't properly place, but something like relief that love exists for children. It's weird.
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Here are just a few of the songs that tug at my heartstrings. I won't go fully into why as, like others have said, it's mostly powerlevel material, but God is it all great.

RIP Chris Squire. Man was a legend on the bass.

UNKLE's entire first album, Psyence Fiction, hits me straight in the feels. Chaos and Bloodstain are also some good highlights from it.

Incredible music from a man on his deathbed.

Grew up with this one, and it always made me feel blue. You can keep the dime.

Lowell George never should have died so young. Guy was a hell of a songwriter, and a storyteller to boot.

As always, these are just a few songs I listen to to feel melancholy. Could probably fill a thread with all the other ones I've got in the back of my head.
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This song was playing when we were sitting under the stars on the hood of my car. The light and gentle breeze flowing through her long, brown hair. A deep conversation that seemed endless in the night. She was the perfect girl for me. The one that got away....
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