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Satriani is one of the most emotive rock guitarists in my opinion, but his more chill songs are especially beautiful:



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Sarah Chen Shu-hua is a Taiwanese singer who enjoyed a brief yet extremely successful career in the early 1990s. No one was quite sure why she left the business; it was said that she suffered from mental breakdown after her mother's death.

This song, "The Clever, Muddled Heart" was hardly a hit, but I love its simple lyrics and the clarinet opening (I'd have used a cor anglais though).

The wind never says where it goes
It leaves but an empty trace
For all extravagant temptations
My shadow is lonely as always

I never complained, nor did I overstep.
Yet the years passes
I have missed so much that was genuine.

Clever so I view the world
Muddled in matters of the heart
I would offer all my affections
If only you would say
Your gentleness is for mine alone
That you understand
What I am looking for

Clever so I view the world
Muddled in matters of the heart
Please clear the dark clouds in my eyes
If only you would say
You would be with me forever
Because I am happy
As long as you are by my side.
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Pretty much every credits song from TellTale's The Walking Dead game.
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One Knock Life™

when there's no place you feel at home
and you think you'd be better off alone
when you think there's no reason to try
and you hate yourself and wanna die

when you're filled with anxiety
and everyone's your enemy
when you wish you were someone else
and you wanna go out and kill yourself

ooh you're overreacting
(you can change your mind)
ooh you're overreacting
(take your time)

when you get yourself depressed
because you think you can't do your best

when you write yourself a stupid song
to remind yourself that you forgot


Subconsciously Suberogatory
True & Honest Fan
Dulce Pontes's O Primeriro Canto is a challenging, adventurous album, themed on the Four Elements but it is really about the joys and pains of being human.
"O Que For, Há-De Ser" is the song for Air.

Beautiful circulation, ever spiraling
When I die, the beautiful cycle will lead me to him.

Spinning forever, arching through the air
A soul free to love you
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