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Oscar Wildean

Happy Helloween.
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Listening to this song gets me emotional and will make me tear up. Mostly because this was something my mom and myself would play during our Summer drives in the old days, before she died.
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Syaoran Li

Clown World on PCP
We used to sing this song in church when I was a kid. This song brings me feelings of nostalgic melancholy.

The images from the Civil War only make it more haunting and bittersweet.
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Subconsciously Suberogatory
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In this weather, this is the only music I need:

Through the snow, you see a lonely, hunched shadow in the distance, soon vanishing into the white and the grey:
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Disclaimer: No, I won't suck you your penis
A lot of songs give me the feels, but this one wins. Plus the movie is one of the few ones that makes me cry like Nikocado Avocado during a post-breakup mukbang. And I don't even like musicals.

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Oscar Wildean

Happy Helloween.
True & Honest Fan
Both by Thomas Newman:

Brooks Was Here: When Brooks hangs himself after he gets out of prison.

Ghosts: When Michael has to kill his father figure.

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