Songs That Give You Feels -

Oscar Wildean

OK Corral
Both by Thomas Newman:

Brooks Was Here: When Brooks hangs himself after he gets out of prison.

Ghosts: When Michael has to kill his father figure.

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has soembody the blues brothers version of sink the bismarck for me? its the greatest blues song ever and i mssed to load it from youtube...



Guts Gets Some

"Sword=cock" -Susumu Hirasawa

I can always lay back and imagine a beautiful relationship when I listen to this song. I hope anyone I could meet in that regard would also get the same feels from it.


What if You Had a Gun?

reminds me of listening to music or the radio until like 4 am and still having my headphones or earbuds on, thinking how quiet and cold it was when i took them off


Terrainist Shitlord!
Bryan Tylers theme for Formula One, just because watching psychopaths throw ridiculously dangerous cars around ludicrously beautiful circuits butters my testicles.


The choruses always hit me. Might not have the same effect unless you've seen Dogma and get that it's supposed to be from the perspective of God.
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Jazz Cat Blini

An actual real life cat

Not a great movie, but one of my favorite tracks by ol' Jay Dubyah.

Side note: the lyrics are an old Welsh poem - which is pretty cool.


Politics are fucking dumb
True & Honest Fan
This probably has to do with heavy nostalgia, but they had part of this song play on a recent episode of Ducktales and it just hit me hard.

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